You Are NOT The Father

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Steff - May 1

I'm just sitting here watching Maury.... How can these women have NO CLUE who thier baby's father is? 10 men... that's just discusting. How many people can you sleep with in a 3 day span? Yikes! :)


frankschick2001 - May 1

That is why I think these people are hired. I mean, when you know what we all know, then you realize that she did have sleep with all these guys in a short period of time for them to be considered candidates. OK, so she tests everyone she slept with in that month just to be on the safe side, but ten guys in a month???? Even that is really bad.


kellie - May 1

Yeah, it's shockingly gross. I love how everytime they are told that it is not the father they get hysterical and go running back stage.


princess_20 - May 1

i know what your talking about Steff i watch that show too sometimes and it just makes me sick to think about these women who dont think about what they are doing and just sleep with everyone then the end up pregnant trying to remember all the guys names they slept with in that short of a period. then the poor little baby is stuck with a list of names a mile long of possible fathers. i think thats very wrong for the mother to do that to a poor little baby.


Steff - May 1

Kellie: LOL!! and they're saying "I am 350% sure that Q is my baby's daddy!" it's so funny. And then they run off screaming in shock!


frankschick2001 - May 1

I feel bad for the babies. When they grow up, there will be this TV program that thier mother is on, telling the whole world that she doesn't know who the fatehr is. Do they even consider that aspect of this when they agree to be on the show? I don't think they even care. I think they do it for the free trip to new york city. They should also block off the entrance to backstage! Where would these hysterical people flock to???


kelley32 - May 1

Is it even real? I always thought it was mostly actors, with perhaps a few real stories thrown in. If it IS real, then those women should be sterilized.


HannahBaby - May 1

Its not about how many men you can sleep with in 3 days. Its about ovultaion. Some women ovulate way earlier, or way later than normal. Even thought its gross, all the guys in one month could be the father. I think its disgusting, but i feel bad for the children. SOme of these kids are like 5 and dont know who their father is


JAI - May 1

I also think that they are actors and it is all fake and not true, some girls keep coming back on the show like 20 guys later.....that is not even possible, well you would think it is not. And he does the same topic day after day, that or look at me now topic...pathetic. LOL!


skinnyminny - May 1

You'd be surprised and disgusted at how real these situations can be. My fiance and I call girls like that "gardeners" Beacuse they are hoes and rakes. Some girls dont have enough respect or knowledge about their bodies and will literally do anyone they find attractive.


18wbabynov - May 2

those shows are crazy... i watch em too though lol. there is a person i work with though, who just found out she's pregnant, and confided in me that she doesnt know which of the 3 guys is the dad.... what am i supposed to say to that!? im sorry u slept around and will have to be horribly embarrased when they tell u that one's not daddy?! jeez... crazy people... haha... but i find it funny... and really really sad for those poor kids.


nursej - May 27

i think not knowing who fathered your child is jsut ridiculous. i mean how many people can you sleep with in 2-3 days. i feel no pitty, or sympathy for those women on maury. matter of fact it's pretty d__n funny to me i crack up everytime. its no way iw ould ever be in that perdicament. lol



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