You Prefer A Boy Or Girl

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Mary - February 24

It may be too soon to tell but what is your preference? And what do you think you are having? I am having a boy and even though originally I wanted a girl I am so happy it is a boy! How do I know it is a boy .. I don't know ... I just feel this assurance that Miles is inside my belly! What about you?


PP - February 24

I would like first and foremost a healthy baby. But I would prefer a boy. And I don't know yet and I don't know if I want to know.


Serenna - February 24

I agree with PP, as long as I have a healthy baby, thats all that matters. If i chose what i'd prefer I'd say a boy. I don't know yet, will find out in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you ladies


Mary - February 24

great answers! Does any of you have this feeling inside telling you if it is a boy or girl? It would be fun to listen to that inner voice and see if later you where right or wrong.


J - February 24

I agree with the ladies above a healthy baby is most important but I have been dreaming of a baby girl. I already have a little boy.


Leslie - February 24

My whole life I have always seem myself with boys, however this is my first pregnancy (I'm 12 weeks) and ever since I have been pregnant I have a overwhelming feeling that it is a girl. I don't care either way. I'm used to boys, being that all my cousins and nephews are boys, so the comfort zone would be there. However a girl would be wonderful. I honestly don't care, who am I to pick what I want, enjoy what God gives you because there are people in this world that can't have any children


kim - February 25

i would like a boy too because i already have a health baby girl and now i have agreed that two is enough and so i think a boy would be best


Sandy - February 25

My hearth tells me I am having a healthy baby boy!


Leahp - February 25

I'm the same way!! I just want a healthy, very healthy little miracle!! But I DO have an overwhelming feeling that it's a boy, I more so can't wait to find out the s_x just to see if a women's intuition is that powerful!!!


Kristin - February 25

My husband and I had a feeling even before I got pregnant that we would have a girl first. We have no idea why we both feel this way...Now, I am almost 8 weeks... and it seems like I am seeing "signs" that the baby will be a girl.... Like my fortune cookie last night has a word in Chinese, it said "daughter" isn't that weird? (or it's just a cookie) We still haven't decided if we want to know and we really don't have a preference, just the "feeling"... Above all else, I wish us all to have a healthy baby!


Maleficent - February 25

i was wrong with both my older kids. i thought for sure that my first was a girl. he wasn't. and with our second we used the shettles method to try and have a girl. i thought it didn't work, but i was wrong again, we got our girl! with this baby i'm kind of hoping for a girl again. they would be 3 years apart so they could still be buddies. my sis and i are 3 years apart and she's my best friend. so i'm going to say i want a boy, in hopes that i'll be wrong again. :o)


lynette - February 25

I used to think it was a load of politically correct b.s. when people said they "just want a healthy baby". I know I wanted a girl and when I got pregnant I was hoping it was a girl. Well, I lost the baby at 13 weeks, and talk about an att_tude adjustment. Next time round I'm hoping for... you guessed it - a healthy baby. Ladies, please cherish the life inside you and be thankful for its existence, no matter what s_x they turn out to be. Good luck to all :-)


kim - February 26

i would like a boy since i already have a girl but either way i will be happy with a baby that is healthy


naomi - February 28

during my last pregnancy I had a feeling that I was having a boy, from about 4 months. All the early gifts people gave me were blue. I had troubble finding a girls name that I liked. And I had a boy..


kristine - June 6

i want a boy because i already have a girl but i think its a girl


Kathy - June 7

I have a boy and want another one. He is the only boy in the family everyone else has girls.


jennifer - June 7

I would be happy with either s_x. I've always wanted one of each and this is my first baby so I didn't care which it was, but I have an overwhelming sense that it is a boy. I call the baby he. I look at boy clothes and names. It's like I just know that's a little boy in there. I can't wait to find out for sure! Whatever it is, that is exactly what I want.



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