Young Away From Home And Need Answers

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Grayce - October 10

I had unprotected s_x multi times the first week and a half in Aug. And Aug 12th I started a light period that only lasted a couple days. My problem now is I can't remember ever having another period after that. If I had one it was extremely light and it was around Sept. 10th. which means I should be having my period again now around Oct 7th. between that time I had a couple days when I did light light spotting which I've never spotted before and I've never missed a period before. I just recently got off of birth control however so it's been about 4months off. I started smoking more heavly about 5 months a go. Could being off of BC and Smoking be the cause of my missed period(s)? Lately I've been sleeping like c__p and have had lots of back pain. My blatter seems uncontrolable. I have Acid Reflex so I don't know if my constabation/heartburn/gas and now stomach cramping could be from that or not. I don't have fatigue though or br___t tenderness. If I was pregnant I would already be 9wks along. I have taken 2 hpt and they both turned out neg. I dont' know what to think or do. I don't know if I'm just parnoid and it's all in my head but I just have this feeling that something is up and that I'm preg. I'm scared because I've been smoking this whole time and have drank some. it just all the sudden hit me what was going on. Someone please help, any advice would be better then none. Thanks


bean - October 10

I unfortunately don't have any terrific advice for you... other than it is possible that hpt's give false negatives. I think this is a question for your dct. It may be a good idea to go in and get a blood test done. But... did you take good quality hpt's - like First Response? Did you use them according to the instructions? Did you use first morning urine? The only other advice I can give is please stop smoking. It's bad for you (and horrible for a baby). No reason to spend the money on that junk anyway. Good luck!


Christy - October 10

I also think you should see your doctor. Though my own personal thoughts are this: The pregnancy hormone (HCG level) begins showing up on a hpt around week 4-5. The line will be extremely faint if it's that early but if you are thinking you would be about 9 weeks that line would certainly be quite dark!! HPT's usually give a false neg if you are testing to early (happened to me) but if you test again 2 weeks later and your well past your missed period and its still neg, you are probably not pregnant. Use this as one of those 'lessons learned' and stop having unprotected s_x. I don't mean to sound preachy, but it just isn't worth the risks. I hope things turn out well for you.


just FYI - October 12

Really all pregnancy tests are the same from the walmart brand to First response. SOME tests enable you to test earlier becasue they are more sensative. At this point you don't need the more sensative one and the walmart brand or any generic brand will be just as good and in some cases better than brand name varieties.



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