Zero Morning Sickness Normal

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lulu123 - July 1

Yeah, none. I feel like I SHOULD! I'm about 8 wks.... think it will come later? Also, I am having TERRIBLE acne breakouts along my jaw bones and on the sides of my neck on both sides. Theyre not normal zits either, they are very welt- like. Any suggestions? Already use Proactiv, not working like it usually does!


clm82 - July 1

I wish I had an answer. I seem to be having the same problem. I am 10w2d and since about 3w I have had bad breakouts on my face on either side of my mouth. I am using an adult acne product from loreal I believe. I have been using it for about a week and it seems to have helped some. I am going to give it another couple of weeks and see if it works. My breakouts are not normal either. They seem to be more like welts and are very tender, even to something such as a piece of hair rubbing across my cheek. It has been very frustrating. I would appriciate any advise on the matter as well. On the subject of m/s, it is normal to not have any. I have not had any yet. I have had some nausea at different times of the day, and I have found the sucking on a mint helps a lot. I consider myself very lucky to have not had any m/s and from what I have heard, anyone who does not suffer that paritcular symptom should consider themselves very lucky.


RMC - July 1

Not everyone gets morning sickness. I think I heard about 25% of women get it. I don't have any and I didn't have any in two previous pregnancies either.


igelwelch - July 1

Hi there- I'm 6 weeks and feel like I should have morning sickness too, but I've read that only about 50-70% of pregant women ever even have morning sickness. So just be thankful-you are normal! Also, check with your doctor about Proactiv. I've read quite a bit about it because I also have horrible acne along the hairline and neck and many, many doctors recommend not using it while you're pregnant due to the accutane potentially causing birth defects or something. I've been using a natural toner after I wash my face and that has really helped. Best of luck! -J


lulu123 - July 2

Oh, wow, thank you so much. I had no idea about the Proactiv. I won't use it again until I talk to my doc!


debbie80 - July 6

Hi ladies! Well I am 6 wks today and I do not have any symptoms...I get a headache every now and then and I am tired..but thats sore b___bs or is everyone else feeling?


crystal74 - July 6

my dr. told me not to use any face medication that had retro - something in it, i forget and the info is at home, but anyway's, after she told me this i looked at my ingredients for proactive and it does not contain this. so it's okay to use. when i get home i will find what it's called for you guys.


crystal74 - July 6

if you feel safer to wait and talk to dr. appt. that's probably the best idea. i will still try to find what she told me to look for in face soaps.


igelwelch - July 6

Do you mean Retinol? I believe that's one of the ingredients in soaps, acne medicines and cosmetics that we are supposed to avoid.


crystal74 - July 6

yes iglewelch, thank you. and i looked to see if my proactive contains that retinol and it does not, so dr. said it's fine. just like u said, avoid products that contain retonal. thanks again. i knew it was ret something:)


igelwelch - July 7

Hey crystal74--check out the Proactiv site--they mention not using their product during pregnancy because of the accutane in there. Just google it or check out the Proactiv site. I'd hate for you to use it & have it cause problems. -julie



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