Zofran And Severe Morning Sickness

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Sick Mommy - August 1

Are there any Mommies to be out there that have been prescribed Zofran for severe morning sickness...I have lost almost 10 lbs and can't even keep liquids down some days...my dr. told me to take Zofran as needed some days are better than others and I don't need it but I am nervous about taking the meds even when I feel terrrible...the dr. said eventually my not eating or drinking could cause a lot more serious damage than taking some meds for a few weeks??? Any advice would help!!!!


Leslie - August 1

Hi Sick Mommy! I feel your pain. I too have been really , really sick. I like you lost approx 10lbs and couldn't keep anything down. I was prescribed Zofran a few weeks ago by my dr and have taken it. It helped me with the vomitting but I still had the nauseous feeling, but it kept me from getting sick and allowed me to eat and drink at least a little. My dr a__sured me that this was ok to take. I took it on/off for about 2 or so weeks and am finally able to start eating/drinking a little with out it. My dr also told me to take 1/2 a unisom and a vitamin b6 at nite to help.. you may want to ask about this as well as it really seems to help! I found out the reason I got "morning sickness" or in my case all-day sickeness is because I am having twins.. have they checked you out to see if this is a possibility? I know you tend to get sicker with 2... Good luck!!


Lia - August 1

I bumped my old post called "Anyone used Zofran". I hope it's helpful.


me - August 1

please try to avoid anti sickness drugs at all costs. they have actually been proven to cause deformities in fetus' which leads to stumps where the arms and legs should be etc. i urge you not to use these drugs and to try to find natural ways to cope with the sickness


Hi Leslie - August 1

Thanks for your post...it helps to know that other people have taken it...my dr. also said that it is safe and probably the safest on the market today....she told me I can take it up to 3 times a day but so far I only needed it once in the morning on 2 different days my dr. gave it to me last friday....thanks for your support...my next u/s isn't until aug 18th i guess i will find out then if it is twins.....


Anne - August 2

I'm carrying twins and wound up in the hospital for the morning sickness. Zofran has helped me. Now I only puke once or twice a day ;). And whoever "me" is that posted not to take it doesn't know what she is talking about. Millions of women have taken zofran to help with sickness and millions have had healthy babies. Birth defects are caused by lots of things. My doc would not give me zofran if there were any risk.


Ashley - August 2

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I was prescribed Zofran... I couldnt keep THAT down. It tasted disgusting (had to let it disolve) It was WAY to gross tasting for me. What helped me (I had hyperemesis gravidum) was to eat when I ate...and NOT drink. Just take sips. Try toast. Just bland food. I would suck on hard candy. And then if i puked, I puked. The baby takes what he/she needs from you (in a parasite way lol) so the only thing you are hurting is yourself. I was admitted to the hospital 3 times before 16 weeks for dehydration. tHey pumped me full of fluids and sent me home. There is light at the end of the tunnel, one day i woke up and it was GONE! Happiest day! LOL If you need anything you can email me, if nothign else i'll be there for support because i was there and i know how terrible it is! good luck! [email protected]


monkers - August 8

I too have been prescribed Zofran, and it seems to take the edge off, but i still feel nauseous and i have had headaches. before even thinking about food would make me have to vomit, now it does not do that. so far i like it but the cost is outrageous if you do not have insurance, it was $365.00 for 9 pills. crazy. but i would only take it if you really really have too. you just never know the risks and this is a new drug with not many studies done. i was throwing up 20 times in a day, so i have decided to take it.


baz - August 9

I had really bad sickness all day everyday... I was already a small person... about 95 lbs before I lost 10 lbs from getting sick. My doctor didn't seem to be too concerned about it being of any harm. But what helped make me feel better was to take my vitamin at night before I went to sleep, and also she recommended something called a seaband. It is used for nausea and it puts pressure on your wrist that somehow makes nausea better. I didn't think it would work, but it helped a lot... and they only cost about $10


Marianne - August 10

For me the same story as Leslie. I am pregnant with twins and experience severe morning sickness. Since about week 9 or 10 I have been taking Zofran and I am still taking it at week 24! I still am not feeling great, but I can eat very well dispite slight nausea. The babies are growing well. I am also worried about taking the medication, but when I try to stop: I get very ill straight away. Eating well is important for good development of the babies and that is what I can do when I take the Zofran!


kate - August 10

with my first pregnacy zofran saved my life, i was on a pic line so i had it through a iv, but theres nothing better. u should ask ur dor. about getting a pic or a mid. line. u get ur liquid that way and ur meds. if u want to email me i have some advice i could give u [email protected]


Molly Kline - August 13

Zofran is the only way I survived my first pregnancy- had extreme hyperemesis just like you. I am pregnant right now and had to start taking it again. If you're nervous, you can cut one in half and take it only once every other day. This too will make a difference. You could also try what my dr. first prescribed me, which is 25 mg of b6 4/day along with half of a unisom 4/day and 250 mg of ginger 4/day. good luck!


NothingWorking - August 13

I was prescribed Zofran a week ago when a week of Reglan wasn't stopping the sickness. The Zofran is not working. I'm 7 weeks, and I've been on the couch near the bathroom day and night for the last 4 weeks. I'm taking 8mg every 12 hours, and not getting any relief. What am I doing wrong?? I can't believe I might have at least 5 more weeks of this to go. I've already lost my job.


xzqx - June 30

i don't want to freak anyone out, this could be just a coincidence. but i took zofran during both of my pregnancies, and both led to miscarriages. (both were missed miscarriages; the fetus looks like it died right after i started taking the z.) I'm going to try to find different ways of coping next time. i know many women have taken it and it's been fine, but it scares me a bit how readily BOTH of my OBs prescribed it. it is an expensive drug, they probably get kickbacks.


suzeq - April 8

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and I have been using Zofran since about week 8. I originally didn't intend to take it for this long, but my nausea won't quit. It seemed to get better during week 13, but the last 2 weeks it has actually gotten worse. When I take the Zofran I still feel nauseous, but not as bad, and I don't throw up. If I don't take it I throw up about every hour and can keep nothing down. The last 2 weeks I've increased how much I take. I used to take just 1 pill a day, but now I take 2 and sometimes 3. I'm discouraged because I thought in my 2nd trimester things would get easier, but they seem to have gotten worse! However, I owe my job to Zofran because I teach preschool and there's NO WAY I could do that if I was puking all the time. I still worry about side effects for the baby, but at this point I feel like I don't have another choice. It does make me quite constipated, but once I switched to a prenatal vitamin that didn't have iron that got a lot better.


tnyardangel - August 1

I'm taking Zofran and it is working great. I had to call around and found a HUGE difference in price for it. I was quoted over $350 at Walgreens for the highest and $18 at Costco. I about pa__sed out over the difference. The same dose, the same drug, the same amount (30 pills). I recommend anyone who has to take it to call around and price check. If there is not a Costco close to you, I would mail order it with that type of savings. I'm also upset with Walgreens who I have used pretty much my whole life for marking up this drug out of my reach where I have to drive two hours to get it at a reasonable price.


susan77 - August 6

I am about 6.5 months now and was going through the same thing. I heard about No to morning sickness tea, and I thought I would give it a try. It worked! I just drank 2 to 3 times a day and nausea goes away, and it tastes good, it is better than feeling like I did all day long.



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