Zyrtec For Morning Sickness

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Heidi - March 10

I finally called my doc for something for m/s as I had a big conference to attend and didn't want to go feeling the way I do. She gave me a months worth of Zyrtec and said it's safe. I actually didn't need it but I did take one last night. I didn't notice any difference. Has anyone else tried this?


jenjen - March 11

i am taking it because i have bad allergies i know it works good for that


TJ - March 12

So it is safe to take Zyrtec while pregnant? I am TTC with my husband, and have worried about taking allergy medication (I use Zyrtec). I have chronic allergies and don't know what I would do without it!


Heidi - March 12

It's on the safe allergy meds list so I wouldn't worry. And my OB/GYN gave it to me just for morning sickness.


TJ - March 13

Thanks Heidi! Interesting that it is also used for morning sickness!! Congrats on your pregnancy.


Janna - March 13

this is great to hear!! I am 7wks with my first child and having horrible m/s and freaking out about this comming spring because of my hay fever....whata relief to hear this, i cant wait to ask my dr about it..thanks yall


To Heidi - March 13

Hmmm, I use to take zytec for allegeries but stopped when I got pg. Is it O.K. to take during pregnancy?


M - March 15

Hey fellow allergy sufferers I actually talked to my Doc. today and she said that Zyrtec is absolutely fine during pregnancy. I don't think I'll take it every day but when I get stuffed up, I'm gonna go for it. Good luck to you all!


shots? - March 15

Does anyone know about allergy shots? can you continue to get those if pregnant?


christy - August 22

Please keep in mind: morning sickness is a way for your body to cleanse itself...your baby should start with a non toxic home...why add to the toxicity while trying to clean it up? Also, Zyrtec is not reccomended for b___stfeeding moms, why take it if your pregnant?


Daniela - August 23

I used to take Zyrtec for my allergies, but stopped as soon as we started trying to get pregnant. I was under the impression that you shouldn´t take it while pregnant, so this is news to me. Anyhow, I don´t want to take anything that isn´t absolutely necessary, so I´ve learned to live with a stuffy nose.



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