10 Weeks And Counting

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Rachel* - February 22

Week 9 was rough with bouts of nausea and the inablility to eat dinner (night time sickness). I just started my 10th week today and a couple of days ago the nausea started to go away. I still feel c__ppy at night, but that's much better than feeling c__ppy all day. How are you feeling? What week are you in?


sl - February 22

i will be exactly 10 weeks tommorrow, i have only gotten sick one time so far that was last week. other than that i feel fine, just a little cramping on and off. i also feel yucky in the evenings after dinner.


Rachel* - February 22

Week 10 is cool because the baby is now a fetus instead of an embryo. It's amazing how much development takes place this week. The neurological development is rapid and the vital organs start working too. Pretty exciting :)


May - February 22

I feel c___ppy in the evenings too... I eat like no tomorrows in the mornings, but come evenings, I go off food and start to feel very tired. Still feeling crampy, I went to the Emergency clinic the other night as I got frightened by an egg white discharge I pa__sed out while peeing... I know this is common, but to set my mind at ease I went to the hospital for a check and met the most horrible Medical Office on duty that night. If I ever see her again, I'll wring her neck!!! She actually took my condition like a joke and didn't rea__sure me on anything, juz by simply telling me that this is normal. She looks pretty young, probably not married and no kids yet.


To May - February 22

" went to the Emergency clinic the other night as I got frightened by an egg white discharge I pa__sed out while peeing... I know this is common, but to set my mind at ease I went to the hospital for a check " That sounds scary and it's normal?????


May - February 23

Yes, the egg white discharge is normal... nothing to worry abt, unless the discharge turns bloody, greenish, greyish, that means some kindda infection.


Rachel* - February 23

May, sorry to hear about your scare. I'm glad everything is fine. I don't eat too much at night either. Just doesn't appeal to me. I am feeling much less nausea though. I'd say it's 80% better. But my acid indigestion/heartburn is getting really bad lately. I think I'm going to call my doctor for some advice.


beth - February 24

i am in week 14 and knock on wood i feel great. its my first and the only symptoms i have and ever had was really sore b___bs


May - February 24

Hi Rachel*, for heartburn or indigestion, try to eat small meals and try not to lie down immediately after a meal... and avoid oily food take a walk... I've learnt my lesson... I suffered from heartburn in week 6 and its feels horrible.


Rachel* - February 24

Thanks for the advice May. Unfortunately, I already do all of those things (except walk on a regular basis) and it is still BAD. I called my doctor's office yesterday and they suggested taking Pepcid AC. So I took one after lunch yesterday and didn't feel the heartburn again until 10 pm. I'm so glad it works :)


May - February 24

Hi Rachel* hey don't mention, we are all here to help and support each other... glad that u r feeling better.


Beckins - February 25

Hiy all! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Im doing well. Bit like you guys...still a little yucky. Fater evening dinner I get really tired and don't feel like doing much...the housework really is building up. My husband is doing so great at the mo...he's helping as much as he can!! I have my u/s a week monday...Im really excited. A friend of mine lost her baby on thurs. SHe was 8 wks gone. I feel so bad. On the same day, my cousin-in-law had her baby. She had a boy and called him William Llywellyn. My cousin is Welsh. My Grandads name is William so they've started a family tradition now!!! Rachel*, thats one thing I don't think Ive ever had, thats heartburn. They say its really common in pregnancy ut becasue Ive never had it I don't knwo what it is. Glad the medicine is helping tho. Working and being pregnant is hard. Getting up early kills me. Yesrtday I was in bed for half 8 and slept all nite but still felt wrecked in the morning. I can't wait til this pa__ses.


Rachel* - February 25

Beckins, so glad to hear from you. I was wondering if you were doing okay. Sorry to hear about your friends loss. Did you read my explaination about bluegra__s on last weeks thread? If not, it's there for you.


Cynthia - February 26

I am 12 weeks today and the nausea is just now letting up for me! From week 5 to week 10 I was sick from the time I got up until I went to sleep. I was vomiting an average of 5 times daily and sometimes much more. Twice I had to go to the ER because no food or liquid was staying down at all. My second visit to the ER I was admitted overnight. An IV was put in both visits and I now have an Rx for Zofran. I tried every trick I heard to stop my nausea and nothing worked. I started drinking pedialyte 2 weeks ago and it has helped me feel better. I still feel ill at night and am very greatful that my days are better. Just remember when you feel sick that it could be worse. That's what I am doing!


Beckins - February 26

Rachel*, yes I did get your explanation of bluegra__s. Ive heard of the Dixie Chicks and my husband showed me a song sung by Alison Krauss. Not really my type of music though. Felt a little yucky today. Have had to eat loads. My jeans don't do up at the b___ton. Im not big enough for maternity trousers but too big for normal ones. I dont know whether Im fat or its the baby.


Rachel* - February 26

Cynthia, I am so sorry to hear about your extreme sickness. I am glad to hear that it's pa__sing. Congrats on making it to 12 weeks :) Beckins, I doubt you are getting fat... That's what happens when you are preggie. We are almost through our first trimester. I feel fat too, because my belly is bloated all over. Our organs are moving out of the way to make room for baby and I've read that we are pumping 40-50% more blood during pregnancy. That's a lot of extra fluid.


aussiegal - February 26

i have just gone 17wks and am feeling fantastic!! no morning sickness or sickness of any kind which i am thankful for considering i work in childcare!!! i to got sore b___bs early in the piece but they have settled down now! now im just waiting for the 1st sign of movement from bub....i wish heshe would hurry up! i cant wait to feel it move around!! good luck to all!



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