10 Yrs Old And Pregnant What Am I Gonna Do

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lisa - May 12

I have a question. I have only had my period for about four months, last month my older cousin rape me. I was too scared to tell anybody now my period is not comeing I got my friend to buy me a preg test at the dollar store and i took it and it said i was pregnant what am i gonna do too scared to tell my mama and the baby is by my cousin does that mean it would be sick i don't think that my parents will let me have an abortion. please help i am so scared


Tell - May 12

Hi Lisa, You need to tell your mother asap. It is not your fault you were raped. Rape is a crime. Yur cousin is not well. He need help. You need more help. Your mom can help you. You need to see the doctor asap. I'm so Sorry this happened to you. I wish I can give you a hug. Please tell your mom today. She will not be mad at you. Please let us know what happen.


lisa - May 12

I will try to tell her but i am so scared. What do you think the doctor will do when she takes me? Do you think i should be able to have an abortion?


to lisa - May 12

I think you should be able to have one, but your mom has to agree doesn't she? Maybe you should consider adoption....how did you hear about this website?


L - May 12

You need to tell your mom now. What happened was not your fault at all. tell her now and get the help you need. (P.S-If by any chance this is a hoax message it is not funny it is about a serious subject which will worry people)


Tell - May 12

Worry about your options(abortion/adoption) later. Tell your mom now. Honey, You can't handle this alone. You need your mom. Why are you afraid to tell your mom? The doctor will exam you. It wont hurt. Don't worry


!!!!! - May 12

Kids are knowing so much these days I wouldn't have known what rape or abortion were when I was 10. How awful a 10 year old put in this position - the cousin needs to be arrested for rape and the parents need to know what has happened to their little girl


??? - May 12

I just want to know if this is real or not......Does not seem like a 10 yr old would be able to compose such a message on a forum.....hope it's not true!


Justine - May 12

Lisa - I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to go through this on your own. You should definately tell your mom what happened and you should go to the doctor asap and tell them what happened. The doctor and your mom will be able to talk through what you can do and also get you a counsellor to talk to if you want one. If you're too scared to tell you mom tell a female adult you trust e.g a schoolteacher. You must tell someone. If you are going to have an abortion the earlier you have it done the better - I think under 9 weeks you can just take a pill. Your cousin needs to be stopped from hurting you or other girls again so you must tell an adult. Please get help as soon as you can.


To lisa - May 12

How old is your cousin? You need to have him arrested...and thrown into jail for a very long time. He's sick...he may display more actions of violence on you or someone else if you do not tell an adult that you trust. If you do not trust your mother...then you need to tell someone else.


??? - May 12

how about a school officer, or counselor or a friends mother or father.....anyone before it's too late....I would tell my mom if I were you....why do you think she would be mad at you?


! - May 12



Candice - May 12

Sweetie, your way to young to go through this on your own! Your cousin did something very wrong to you & he should be punished for what he's done. Your baby won't be sick, but I'm sure there is special percautions your doctor will take. You need to tell your mom, this wasn't your fault. She can't get mad at you! Good luck..


tehProgamer - May 12

tell ur parents, it's not your fault if you're forced to do something that you dont want to... also, being a 10 yr old, these things arent in ur mind for a few more years... anyway, abortion??? i cant say, consult your doctor about the effects of pregnancy on a 10 year old kid and being impregnated by a close kin... pls tell ur parents...


monica - May 12

you are too young to carry a baby to term. Please tell you mom.... your cousin needs help and needs to be stopped before he does it again. I am so sorry this happened to you. It was not your fault so do not be afraid to tell your mom.


OB nurse - May 12

For any young women pregnant and afraid to tell their parent/s, working in labor and delivery I've never seen a parent lose their love for their child over a teenage pregnancy. I've had young girls come in the middle of the night in labor, who had just woken their parents to tell them "not only am I pregnant, but I'm having the baby NOW". Those parents became the beaming grandparents just like any other. No matter how you choose to deal with your pregnancy, allow your parent/s to amaze you with their love for you. They will experience some shock, but they will support you


Lisa - May 12

i called my mama at work and i told her she is very mad but not at me. she gonna come home early and take me to a doctor, she don't know what to do about it yet. she think i am too yung and might get hurt if i try to have the baby. i found this website on yaho when i was looking. i use the computer all the time why would you think i am lieing, this is too sad to lie about my cousin is 17 he has always been nice to me. when he rape me he said it was so he culd take care of me but i knew it was not right but culd no stop him thank you for being here for me i so scared what will the doctor do to me, we go at 330.



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