11 Weeks Pregnant

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lucy - August 19

hi im 19 and 11 weeks pregnant and i'm extremely happy about it yesterday i heard my babys heart beat for the 1st time, i split with the father of my child because i couldnt cope with all the c__p he kept giving me and the fact he is an alcoholic, since he found out im pregnant all he has done is changed his mind one minute he says he wants to be there for the baby and the next he doesnt and now he keeps telling me hes taking me to court! so he can have all the rights to it after its born im so confused and dont know what to do,


kellie - August 17

i have been in your situation.... I know exactly how you feel it is hard my first childs father was the same way Let him take you to court if he is as bad as you say he is there is no judge in his right mind that will give him any rights to that child and him taking you to court will end in him paying you child support. He is not thinking with a full deck of cards oh his part. My ex did all of this and my daughter is 6 years old now and he is sill paying child support and he has seen her one time for about 20 min. so as you can see he has never been active in her life but at least i have to give him the fact that he does pay. he stated in the first court hearing that he wanted to sign all rights away and the judge would not let him he made him pay in the end and if your ex is like this then he will end up paying in the end too...It will be him in the end that will have to pay there is no reason for him to put a innocent child inbetween his inmature actions He needs to grow up and with him threatening all of this once that baby is born and he does go to court he will have to grow up or go to jail...Good Luck I hope that this helps you...Just remember he cant take you to court while you are pregnate and doc_ment everything he does to you that way there is proof of his actions in the end


Lucy - August 19

thank you kellie for your help, and im sorry to hear you went thur it too i haven't heard from him in a while so im not sure whats going on but i have my fingers and toes crossed that he will finally grow up !!! cheers



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