14 And I Dont Kno If Im Pregnant Or Not

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Heather - May 25

Ok my boyfriend and me had s_x May the 3rd and it was my first time.. He pulled it out before he c_mmed but everyone has been tellin me that theres this thing called prec_m and that im probably pregnant, but the other half of the people i asked said im safe because they do s_x that way and they dont get pregnant. i dont know if i am or not and im soo confused. it hasnt even been a month yet but still, i dont know and i would like someone elses opinion. my period should be coming the end of this month and i guess i will kno then?


naomi - May 23

possible pregnancy


Shelly - May 24

Heather, I am 21 and married and my husband and I weren't on the pill or anything. We had heard the same thing you had, that if he pulls out you won't get pregnant so that's what we did. But guess what...I'm pregnant right now. It worked for a while, but you never know! There is never any surefire way that you won't get pregnant (or get an STD) except for abstinence. I'm not gonna write the whole "You're too young speech" because that's not even the most important factor. S_x is not worth degrading yourself! Every time you have s_x with a guy you are selling a little piece of yourself, and by the time you get married years down the road, you will have nothing to give to your husband. And trust me you will regret that! Even if your not a virgin anymore, you can start over and respect yourself and your body like you should from now on...take it from someone who's been there and done that , It's NOT worth it!!! Besides, it's 1000x's better after you're married! =)


hurt - May 24

you should have used a condom no matter what but i do not think your pregnant.


dan - May 25

yes, you can still get pregnant even if he pulls out. There is active sperm on the tip of the p___s just after erection. You need to make sure you ALWAYS use a condom and if you are going to be s_xually active at such a young age go and see someone about a contraceptive as well.


Teandra - May 25

Prec_m is just as strong as regular c_m. Millions of sperm are being ejaculated out through the males p___s and just because he pulled out before he came doesn't mean that the sperm count in his prec_m will not get your pregnant. Males cannot feel when they prec_m so you need to get tested if you miss your period. You are only 14 years old, why are you having s_x at such a young age? Do your parents know, and if you are pregnant how will you and your boyfriend provide for your baby, or will you get rid of it?



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