15 Week Ultrasound Need Your Opinion On Pic

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Angela - February 9

I went in yesterday for an early u/s to date the baby and the tech said it was too early to tell if it was a boy or girl... so I accepted that answer knowing I would have another chance in March - but last night I was thinking that out of the 12 pictures she printed there must be something that shows the front of the baby - and there was one - http://i1.tinypic.com/nfmjqv.jpg - and to me this is obviously a girl b/c of the 3 lines, but do boys look like that also and how could the technician miss this?


Lillie E - February 9

i think that early on, they look about the same. they need to develop more before the doc can tell if its a boy or a girl


Mellissa - February 9

it's possible that the tech could have missed it, or they saw it and just didn't want to say because 15 weeks is pretty early. my midwife told me at 16 weeks that if she had to guess she'd say it's a boy....so i think they just want to cover themselves, you know? with my daughter it was obvious with the three lines...that was at 19 weeks. before this u/s i looked online at what 16 weeks u/s looks like so i'd have an idea what to look for. and i compared it to pics i got and to me it's obvious it's a boy. maybe you should type in "15 week ultrasound photos" in the search field and see if you can find some pics to compare. :) hope that helps!!! p.s. are you hoping for a girl or a boy? just curious. :)


Angela - February 9

well, kind of and kind of not - all of my friends are having boys and my husband would be really good with a little guy (ballgames etc) and there is the older brother thing, but I think it would be really cool to have a girl to bond with and dress up and to me a girl is less scary - so I am not leaning too strongly in either direction... so boys have 3 lines as well?


Steph - February 9

I think I read somewhere that little boys can have three lines if their little p___s is tucked back between his testes, then it can give the ultrasound appearance of 3 lines.


Angela - February 9

here is another u/s of a girl... http://www.poblete.com/newedition/ultrasound/girl.jpg - the upper 3 lines look almost identical.


Angela - February 9

there is no dash between newedition or jpg.


savannahmg - February 9

Not True! Hi there! I went last week to get an Ultra Screen 1st trimester prenatal Screening which is done only in wks. 11-14. We got several shots of the baby and the ultra sound tech tried to ck the babys gender and the babys legs were crossed. So yes, you can detect this early. I'm 14 wks yesterday. The Ultra sound tech was really nice, maybe yours was just being lazy. You need to be more persistant with these dr.s as "we" are paying for these babies, not them - Good luck By the way I'm confused as to what month we are in if you're 15 wks and I'm 14 wks what mth are we in? Thanks, Andrea


LN030905 - February 9

I have no idea-but he/she sure is cute!!!! Your so lucky!!!!Good luck!!!


Krista - February 9

I KNOW for a fact that they can tell what the baby is as early as 14 weeks...I have an appt with fetal photo in a few weeks (when I'm 14wks) JUST to tell me the babies s_x. I called and asked them when do they tell people the earliest time is to come in a find out the gender...the lady told me to come in at 14-15 weeks....so you should be able to tell by your pics....


Angela - February 9

Thank you for all your responses.. everything I have been reading has said that 3 distinct white lines = girl and a "turtle" = a boy - I think my u/s has the 3 lines... what do you guys think - anyone else have a similar u/s picture?


sugar+spice - February 9

hi angela! my name is also angela,lol! i do have a simalar photo. when i saw yours i thought it looked just like my photo! you can go to http://photoshow.comcast.net/thomas.francis/baby_s_first_pictures to see it. hope it helps.(by the way, i had a girl)


Angela - February 9

S&S - that was such a cute slideshow... and your little girl is darling!!! Thanks for the u/s opinion... I have had people say that even from that picture they are sure it's a boy - but I am pretty sure it's a girl based on the 3 white line theory... it makes sense doesn't it?


Daniella - February 11

Hey Angela- it is VERY HARD to tell the s_x at that stage unless it is a boy, but even then it could be swelling. Most places like to look at 19 weeks and can't even guarantee thats correct at 19 weeks for a girl.. but, usually a boy. Once you see a p___s, you really cant take that away. lol.. but, boys are initially girls in the beginning and then sprout later.. so, in a early ultrasound they can look the same and develope later on. My friend was told girl at her 20 week scan and then later found out it was a boy, but just wasn't looking like it in the beg. So, moral is... its real hard to tell girl, for a p___s can always show up later (espcially at 14-15 weeks)... but a boy is usually correct for the most part. They never give a girl 100%.... At any rate.. I really hope you find out soon. Are you going to do the 3D/4D scan on your own?? or you going to wait until march at your anatomy ultrasound?? I know the patience sucks and you want to know right now.. but trust me, it will come fast!! good luck!!


Daniella - February 11

Angela (sugar+spice)- very cute photoshow!! how darling!!! I didn't see the ultrasound pic that you said looked like Angelas, but very nice!!!! also.... Angela- our 12 week ultrasound pic showed 3 little lines also and a little larger line in the middle like yours... but at the 19 week one it was 110% boy. but, didn't have a scan in the middle so I'm not sure if his little boys parts would have shown at 15 weeks. If you want to see my ultrasounds... (even the 19 week 3D/4D) ones, I can send them to you. My Email is: [email protected]


fara - February 11

luks like a girl to me..


Monique - February 14

Angela, at 14 weeks my doc, me AND my dh saw what we thought to be a p___s. My doc said 85% chance of the baby being a boy. We came to terms with it, picked out a name, told everybody.... Then at 18.5 weeks I had an amnio and our baby is 100% GIRL!!! lol. Sooooo..... I say relax and wait out another month when the s_x is REALLY clear on an u/s.



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