15 Weeks Uti And A Doc I M Having Trouble Trusting

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Sam - April 25

So this weekend I was prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI and it made me very sick. I stopped taking it and then asked my doc if there was anything natural I could take for it. He told me to go to a natural food store and get this stuff called Cran-Actin. Has anyone ever heard of this stuff? It just has "cranberry extract" and vitamin C in it. The whole premise of this CranActin is "bacterial antiadherence." Makes bacteria have a hard time sticking to your bladder. I know the doc told me it was ok, but has anyone heard otherwise? He's made some bad calls thus far in my pregnancy and I second guess everything he tells me. Any suggestions?


Karen - April 25

One of the most important parts of your pregnany is to have a trusted doc one your confortable with. I would recommend that you seek antother doc. You have a long ways to go and you need to be in the care of someone you trust.You also have to get the UTI treated. My doc advise me to drink lots of water, cranberry jucie and not to hold in urine to prevent them. All the best


jo - April 25

yes,well i know cranberry is good for uti's and for the bladdder in general, but as said before if you don't trust your doctor on this then look for another one, or you will have far worse problems if anything more serious arises


Sam - April 25

Everyone I know is telling me that he's a good doc. I've spoken to several women who's babies he delivered and none of them had anything negative to say about him. i suppose I could be a little neurotic because of the expectations I've had my whole life about how an ob doc and a pregnant woman's relationship should be. It could also be that this is my first pregnancy. I dont know. I'm a worry-wart.


Karen - April 25

Sam, just because he was right with others dont mean he is right for you. My friend recommedend her doc to me too I made the appointment and cancel cause I felt more confortable with my own. Another girl went to the same doc my friend recommeded and she ended up with another one cause she was not confortable. You pease of mind is very important at this stage. I also follow my instint and pray often that I do nothing to harm my little one. I would look into other docs are talk to him/her to see why your not confortable.


Beth S. - April 25

I dont know of that specific brand but i always keep cranberry pills/vitamins in the house and it helps clear up my uti right away. i dont see how it would be harmful and my doc agreed


amy - April 26

i agree, i dont know why cranberry would be bad either, i was a little concerned about taking it myself since i am trying to conceive, however when i addressed it to my doctor, she said that it would be fine, i only take one right in the morning instead of the suggested use of 2 pills 3 times a day, but it still seems to help, but you do need to do something to clear it up because i think ( although not 100% sure ) that uti's can be bad for your pregnancy. i would suggest attempting it, and if it still doesnt agree with you then find another alternative, i dont know if that helps or not, but i hope it did good luck to you and keep us posted. by the way CONGRATS on your pregnancy how exciting!


Sam - April 27

Thank you all. You have been great! I'm attempting the cranberry pills. So far so good. Going to the bathroom twice as much (if you can imagine that....) and my urine is way less cloudy already. Thanks again!


Audrea - April 27

I know many who want to know why cranberry works for UTI. It is because in order for the bacteria to grow and survive in the renal system it needs a specific PH in the urine. The cranberry creates an environment that is too acidic for bacteria to survive in. If the infection is not too far advanced it is a good way to remedy it, if still having many symptoms after a few days it is very important to have it checked, especially while pregnant. Hope this helps.



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