17 Question About B C Pill Please Help

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Mel - November 1

This is my 2nd month on the pill and my period is really really light. normally its extremely heavy - thats one reason i got on the pill. its so light i can just wear a light days all day. its just dark brown spotting when i pee. i still feel normal cramps and everything though. is it possible for the pill to influence my period this much...and so soon? or should i be thinking about something else - maybe implantation bleeding?? Please help!!


rl - November 1

no as long as you used other bc for the first month on the pill you should be fine the pill makes your cycle way lighter I was on the pill off and on for the last 15yrs so don't worry


mel - November 1

I didn't have s_x the first month just to make sure....but this last month i missed a day. The package says missing one day isnt harmful?


Nicole - November 2

I was on the pill for 3and a half years I went on because my periods were so heavy and my cramps were so bad i couldnt move i even had some so bad i thought that i might pa__s out i would break out in cold sweats as soon as i went on my birth control it was a 180 my periods were medium but my cramps werent to bad they were at least tolerable but towards the end of the 3 and a half years it was getting to the point where i couldnt take the pill any more because jsut thinking of taking the pill would make me feel sick (just because i was so sick of taking a pill every day) i would always miss and take two the next so i was taking them every other (still taking two) and was told your not as protected but still very low chance of pregnancy but one other this is that if you are not sure that the pill is going to work ( afraid that you might forget a lot) I switched to the nuva ring best thing in the world put it in for three weeks you cant feel it he cant either and then take it out for one week it is absolutly wonderful!!!!!any way good luck



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