17 Weeks

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M - February 17

I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second shild and am still in my levis. Everyone says you start showing much earlier with the second, but I'm not. Is anyone else in the same boat?


Sm - February 17

this is my first and im 15wks and im starting to pudge...... But i always heard that you show sooner w/ the 2nd. (i've read in Mag's and books)


Hayley - February 18

I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first and my jeans are still fitting. I've only just noticed this week that I'm beginning to show a bit. I don't want to grow really big but I'm glad I've put on a bit of weight round the stomach as I was starting to worry I'd never look pregnant!


Heidi McNeely - February 23

I am showing but I do pregnancy PT with a lot of girls and there is quite a few who still aren't showing that much


Bobbiann - April 6

I am pregnant with my 2nd child also, & actually started showing at 2 1/2 - 3 months. I am also 17 weeks & showing very big!


karen - April 6

Every woman is different as is every pregnancy. I am 13 weeks with my first and starting to show already, I am actully wearing some of my maternity clothes already. I would not worry about it too much.


Pamela - April 11

This is my third child and I am still in my regular jeans as well.


jessica22088 - May 1

well this is pregnancy #2 for me too. Infact I got pregnant when my daughter was just 9 months and I look like I'm about 5 or 6 months now. Maybe because it's a boy, but give it time.


jessica22088 - May 1

oh yeah and I'm 17 weeks too


Danielle - May 21

I am 17 weeks pregnant w/ my 2nd and I have been "showing" since about 3 months...im weird i guess!!


Kathleen - June 20

Yeah I am in the same boat as you are M. I am 16 weeks pregnant but I am still wearing my same pants. I am even still wearing a bikini. Everyone freaks out to see me in that cause I still show!!! This is my second child and I can remember with my first that I was showing--especially when I went at 20 weeks to see what s_x the baby was...it is weird. So M no you aren't the only one.


s - June 23

yes im am to 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and i am still wearing my clothes in which i was wearing before falling pregnant its nice to hear that you are the same ive been worring about it sounds silly really.


Jamie - June 23

I'm jealous...I haven't been able to wear my pants since 12 weeks, and this is my first...and now I'm HUGE...and I'll never wear my pants again...


amanda - June 23

yeah im the same im 16wks and 1 day and still inmy clothes they are a little tight but just think were the lucky ones


jackie visitor - June 24

Same here i still fit into my same clothes i dont have much of a tummy yet.Its my second child i was the same with the first.I havent actually even gained any weight yet but it will soon happen.


julie - June 28

I am 17 weeks preggo and i have been showing for a while. I am normaly a size 2 and i would be LUCKY to get into a 7-9. It was depressing at first, but i am so excited that a little baby boy is growing in my tummy so its all ok.


rashidah - July 11

hello I am experiencing the same things I am17 weeks pregnant and I only have a little stomach(which was probably there before the baby ) :=)



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