17wks Along But Still Negative WHY

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bori - February 7

since my last blood test i also give another urine test but still came out negative....this is my 1st kid if i am...right now im waitin on my resault which is taken another wk long...im more tired urinate alot time to time i feel fluttered n gas poppin...WHY CANT MY URINE TEST CAME OUT POSTITIVE?? maybe cuz imma having my 1st kid my horomes are too low to detect on the test?? i cant wait any longer im gettin to the point where im 4month along please help


snickelfritz - February 7

You haven't gotten any blood test result back yet? Have they done an u/s or anything?


mjvdec01 - February 7

You need an ultrasound.


bori - February 7

im waitin on my blood test resault right now...about the ultra sound is kinda hard for me cuz i dont have any health insurance it will sky rockin if i get one...im just waitin on the resault n if i am then imma apply for 1...


hope-31 - February 7

how much is a u/s with out insurance? i think if i was you i would pay it cuz you need the proper care and if the results of bloodwork are always negative and you are convinced your pregnant that is the only 100% way to know.


mjvdec01 - February 7

I agree, you need to just suck it up and pay for the ultrasound. You don't even know for sure wether you are pregnant or not and IF you are you are already 17weeks along. Pay for the test and quit the guessing game.


Jezebel - February 8

drs do accept cash...just in case you were wondering, and they will work out a payment plan. if the drs keep telling you no you are not pregnant then there must be something else wrong, either way, you need further tests from a physician.


missjazzyjay - February 8

just wait on the blood work to come back. i know that it's hard playing the waiting game...but i'm in the same boat. I should be 7 weeks along and my lmp was 12/11/07...but i've taken 4 hpts and the got a BFN. I have a dr appt on tues and i will get blood work done...so just wait it out and baby dust to all who r trying to conceive


carebear2 - February 9

17 weeks and still a negative test? how do you know you are pregnant then? just because you are 17 weeks late does not mean your preg sorry. Periods stop for all sorts of reasons and if you are preg there should be more than enough hcg in your body for a test to pick up now. Have you tried peeing on an ovulation test? that also can detect hcg and will be positive if you are preg


Kayla32 - February 9

Carebear2, am sorry you can be wrong, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the hcg hormones starts to decrease, so she can very well be pregnant, hope you get answers soon, luv Kayla


Jezebel - February 9

they dont decrease to a point where you would test negative...anything above 5 miu/ml is considered positive, hcg decreases to about 4000-165000 after 17 weeks....still far above what would be considered negative.


carebear2 - February 10

Kayla32 : Yes i'm aware that preg test go lighter after a certain amount of weeks but NOT NEGATIVE. I've done my research maybe you should do yours


snickelfritz - February 13

It's true... a pregnancy test will STILL register POSITIVE... the line just might be fainter than previous lines when you're father along. Levels peak and start to decline but never go negative until after birth. Any updates?


missjazzyjay - February 13

bori is there any update. i took another urine test when i went to the dr and it was neg. my dr said she still wants to do a blood test and ultrasound. so on monday i go for an ultrasound and i was suppose to take a blood test today but the weather was too bad. i cant wait for the ultrasound. hopefully there is an sac in there. i will keep u posted. do any of u girls think there can still be hope for me?



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