18 And About To Give Birth Please Respond

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Brittany - September 2

Ok, my mom is a nurse at the doctors office i go to, I am only 36 weeks today, but yesterday at my appointment the doc told me i was dialated to 2 and 70% effaced, so he went ahead and stripped my membranes to get labor started, because he is a friend of the family, and he knows i am miserable, i was just wondering has anyone ever been dialated to 2 at 36 weeks and had their membranes stripped, and if so how long did it take to go into labor, i have been having bad contractions and some spotting, which they told me was normal, i am just curious how long will it take???


Daisy Jean - September 2

It seems a little early to be trying to induce!


karen - September 2

he doesnt sound like a very good doctor if he would induce you before your due date,without a medical reason, and that you are not having any complications. Even if he is a friend of your family, that is not right for him to induce you because you are uncomfortable. A baby is in the womb for 9 months for a reason, it still has to "cook" until week 40, unless their is a MEDICAL REASON to interfere otherwise, like you health or the babies, not because you are miserable. The end of your pregnancy is miserable sometimes, you just have to deal with it. That is really wrong that he would do that for no reason. Im sure your baby will be ok, but f u c k man!


Missa - September 2

Maybe you should call your dr and ask him if there is anything that he has not told you. Ask about your helth and the health of the childs.


s - September 2

I went to the doc. when I was 36 weeks and I was 2 cm. dialated and 80% effaced and they just told me to go home and wait it out!!! I can't believe they stripped your membranes. At only 36 weeks that just seems a little irresponsible!!! Your baby is not ready to come yet.....he/she will come when they are ready!! Your doc. should have his license taken away!


michelle - September 2

i was induced with my first child at 36 weeks. she came out 8 lbs and 12 oz 23 "long. but i was in the hospital when he induced me. i was 3 cm dialated already and had been. i don't see anything irresponsable about what your doctor is doing he is the one that went to school for 12 years. good luck brittany. by the way my doctor will induce my second child at 37 weeks if i haven't already had her.


lacy - September 2

my doctor will induce me 2 weeks early


brittany - September 2

i forgot to mention that i have gestational diabetes, and the baby is suppose to be huge, he was going to induce me at 38 weeks. so i really didnt understand why he did it either


Brandy V - September 2

at 36 weeks, I went to the doctor and had already dialated to 5, I didnt have any membranes stripped but they broke my water and 1 hour after that my baby was born.



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