19 Days Late On Period Negative Tests Advice Please

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Tara_leigh115 - February 1

I am now 19 days late for my period, I was due on the 13th January, I keep track of my periods and no my average cycle is 31 days. I hav never been late before and my periods are regular, I have not been using any contraception for the last 4 months. I have done 3 home pregnancy tests one after 5days late the 18th jan, one on the 21st 8 days late, both these at night and one on the morning of 27th 14 days late. All three were negative, the last one was a clear blue test it looked negative but couldn't be sure if there was a ver faint positive. I went to the doctors on the 26th and did a urine sample the following morning. The results came back on 31st and were also negative. I have been back to the doctors again this morning and he has advised that o keep doing tests for the next few weeks but there £8 a go, also If I am pregnant I would like to be sure so I can start to take the tablets etc I would like to know if anyone has had the same experience and what happened in the end? Were you pregnant?  A little bit more information for you, I am 22 years old I hav not lost or put on a huge amount of weight, I have not been stressed, I have been eating as usual and have done Bo more exercise than usual. Over the last few weeks I have been getting pregnancy symptoms such as: 1) tender nipples - at night mostly, but I h e noticed little lumps around my nipple but no colourful change 2) I had a clear gooey like discharge during the week I should have been on my period 3) I have experienced some nausea, it's on and off throughout the day feels like butterflies but worse? 4) I have had lower back pains but again obly at night time 5) headaches, keep coming and going 6) fatigue - finding myself very tired in the morning when getting up and I have been going to bed earlier 7) some cramps but these were around the week my period was due, these have now stopped 8) urination - been going to the toilet alot more than usual twice every hour 9) some heartburn - like a acid feeling again this happens mostly at night 10) bloating 11) mood swings! Been annoyed and irritable alot more than usual  I apologise for the length of this post but wanted to give as much info as needed! :) If some one has had any simular experiences could you please advice what happened? Thanks xx


pk4 - February 14

Hi Tara_Leigh. My period is a week late and I have some pregnancy symptoms yet no positive test and no period yet! I have had discharge for 2 weeks more than usual, need the loo more often and period pains plus bloatedness. I keep running to the loo thinking I've come on but nothing but discharge!! My nipples have been sore for almost a week now. I feel pregnant but have no proof! I have done alot of research and apparently some people take longer to show a positive test. I have read to test once every week, try not to stress too much and if after some weeks still nothing, go to the doctor for a blood test. I know how frustrated you feel as I do too. I just want to know either way!! Wishing you all the best and keep me posted, I will keep you posted too. Hope you are pregnant :)


Shondi - June 8

I'm currently 19 days late with alot of the same symptoms. I haven't been any stress besides wondering where my period is. No weight loss or gain and I'm not taking any meds. I also track my cycle with my iperiod app and have an average 33 day cycle. I'm never late besides being a day at most 2 days off. I'm wondering what was the end result of your situation. Are you pregnant? Or was it something else? Thx


pk4 - June 9

Hi Shondi, have you taken a pregnancy test yet? After I wrote my previous response I did get my period. But I am now 15wks pregnant. Didn't get any symptoms apart from sore b___bs. Was 2weeks late so decided to test and was positive. If you havent tested yet then I would advise you do. 19 days is a long time to not receive your period. If the test shows up negative you should consider going to your GP. Let me know how you get on :-)


Shondi - June 9

pk4 over the past couple of weeks I've taken about 8 hpt all negative. As of last night I can now add dizziness to the list of symptoms that I've been having. My next period is due on the 23rd so I'm trying to wait until then before I go to the doctors. In the last month I haven't experienced anything that has been life altering or stressful. So this really late period is throwing me for a loop. Overall I'm fairly heathly, I exercise but nothing too intense. I don't drink or smoke and as a preemptive measure I've started taking prenatal vitamins.


pk4 - June 10

I think your suggestion to go docs if no period by 23rd is a good idea. I dont think theres anything else u can do apart from wait. Let me know what happens x


C-B - June 15

I am receiving the same problems, I'm 18days late and still haven't received my period, I'm due on the 30th so I'm going to wait till then and if no sign of peiod I will do the same and go to the doctor's, so frustrating as the tests say negative, hopefully I will get either my peiod soon or very happy news that I'm pregnant! All the best x


tashmine21 - October 26

the same is happening to me now 19 days late my period should have came on the 3 of october now its the 25th of october i have had irregular period earlier in the year but it went back normal i have not been on any contraceptive i have been having alot the symptoms she has spoke about above except my appet_te has change it look like i lost weight but when i weight its the same weight and i have a craving for baby cereal an in the morning i just want to stay in bed and i am moody n not get up and at night i am fine and as soon as i eat am hungry again....could i be prego i have not taken a test yet


Grandpa Viv - October 27

Tashmine, it's time to test. Good luck!


HopingForMyFuture19 - October 27

I'm now pretty close to 2 weeks late, which for me isn't something unusual. I have PCOS (poly cystic overian syndrome). My last period, well, what I thought was my period, was September 13th. I started bleeding, and the next day I was in EXTREME pain.. I couldn't move I was crying, but I thought it was just my PCOS mixed with period cramps or a miscarriage... Now I'm 2 weeks late and I've been sicker than ever.. My lower back is KILLING me and I've taken 3 First Response tests and all came back negative. I've had cramping almost like period cramps, but with more pressure.. also my stomach feels kind of hard at some times.. (when I notice it) I'm going to the bathroom quite often and I just have this gut instinct telling me that I'm pregnant. I don't have health insurance and the insurance I did have I just got a letter saying that my OB doesn't accept that type of insurance anymore, my boyfriend and I are really concerned. I really don't know where to go, or what to do. Advise anyone?


berlin - May 9

Hi everyone.. I am 22 years old and I have a 16 month old daughter. I am currently 19 days late. The first day of my last period was March 24th 2012, it is currently May 9th 2012. My fiance and I are currently using the pull out and pray method or ( withdraw method ) He says he pulls out on time and doesnt think that he deposited anything , but there is always a chance with that ... right? I have gained weight lately.. but I have been eating a bit more greasy food as thats all i really want to eat lately.. All I want is hamburgers lol. The last few days I have been having sore nipples and I am leaking a bit of a white substance. I have knocked that up to being from my daughter and I havnt completly dried up yet but I only b___st fed her for the first month .. so shouldnt it be dried up by now, it being 15 months later and all?? I have just started a new job so i'm wondering if i'm late due to a little but of stress of trying to find a babysitter. I took a home pregnancy test on April 30th which is 10 days after I should have had my expected period. The results were negative. I have also had a lot more v____al discharge ( clear and milky white, with NO odor ) Does anyone have any ideas... I plan on going to the doctor by the 19th if I have not gotten my lovely friend by then. Thanks so much!!


berlin - May 9

I have also been having really bad cramps in my lower abdominal area..feels like i'm going to get but nothing...


KirstyAnne - May 10

I'm 19 days late also, I've take so many HPT's all negative, even clear blue was negative, I have an appointment monday for doctors to see what's wrong, not sure what to think, I have 2 children and this never happened before I had a positive straight away so I'm kind of thinking maybe I'm not, ill be dissapointed if I'm not, I've read that some people don't get a positive until they were 12weeks ect but as I've had 2 kids I think its a bit strange


Marnie878 - June 4

Hi, I'm 19 days late I have only ever been late by 2 days and that was last month my cycle is around 35 days I have had bloating an nausea all the time 24/7 and some diarhea which ive read is symptom too but nothing else as yet I have taken 3 hpts but all negative, I've been to the doctors and unfortunately he couldn't take my blood there and then I has to wait until Friday, he told me to start thinking I was and take vitamins even though I might not be!! I just want to know of I'm pregnant or not! Is anyone else as confused as I am, can anyone help???


Grandpa Viv - June 4

If your hpts were recent, the chance of pregnancy is dropping fast. Take tests weekly until your next period is missed, then go back to the doc for an explanation. Maybe a cyst is messing with your cycle.


shanaee - May 3

my period is now over 2 weeks late.. i've taken 3 home test.. all were negative. One test was clear blue and it still was negative so i got really confused on whats going on. i have experienced spotting once during the time i was suppose to be on my period. nausea i've had , over emotional, tender b___st (actually really sore now) back pains, frequent urinating,that white discharge (no smell) sleeping like crazy. i havent gotten any real cramps til now ! idk why... they are nerve wrecking!! whats going on ?!


Grandpa Viv - May 4

Sorry things are so messed up! Did you have identifiable high risk exposure A negative test when two weeks late makes one look for other reasons - a cyst maybe. Why not wait ten days and see if your next period straightens things out. If it does not, then a doctor visit will be in order. GL!



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