1 2 Hispanic 1 2 White

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kim - July 29

The father of my baby is a very handsome dark hispanic and I am very light complected with brown hair and brown eyes. My boys from a previous marriage to a white man have red hair, hazel eyes, and blonde hair, blue eyes. I was just wondering if anyone out there had a multi-racial baby 1/2 hispanic 1/2 caucasion. I am just real curious what my little one might look like.


guessing - July 30

pretty d__n white, hope that eases your mind some.


Beth - July 30

My sister will be in the same situation. I look at it this way, it will be a very adorable baby, and will never have to go to the tanner!!! :)


n - July 30

my husband and i are wondering the same thing. i'm hispanic and my husband is italian. he is very fair skin with green eyes and i have olive skin and brown eyes. who knows? genetics is a tricky thing!


Amy - July 30

Kim hi i are myself 1/2 white 1/2 hispanic and i'm not real dark but you can tell i'm brown if you looked at my mom she is white white with blonde hair and i'm alot darker than her


E - July 30

DH is 100% Hispanic and I am 1/2 Lebanese and the other 1/2 Caucasian. ------- This is what our baby looks like - www.ajaesp.piczo.com


Kim - July 30

Hi E., Just looked at the pics of your baby. I hope I am lucky enough to have such an adorable baby. Thank you for sharing.


Jbear - July 31

I'm white with freckles, brown hair and green eyes. My husband is a light skinned hispanic with black hair and dark brown eyes. Our daughter's skin is a couple shades darker than mine, but a little lighter than my husband. She has his dark brown eyes and my medium brown hair. She doesn't freckle, and so far, if we're out in the sun long enough for me to burn, she just gets a little golden color to her skin.


Marie - August 5

I teach Prekindergarten and multi-racial children are absolutely beautiful!


Lena - August 5

I'm 1/2 mexican and 1/2 german and look white. The only telling sign is that I have dark brown eyes that are nearly black. My hair is naturally medium blond. Even when I'm tan (and I get quite tan because I work outdoors) I still look caucasian.


Dani R. - August 7

I am Red Headed & Freckles w/ blue eyes. My husband is 100% hispanic but not the darkest of mexicans. He gets BLACK in the sun, but during the winter he is pretty white for a mexican. I wonder what our baby look like. I hope its not a red headed mexican as i have seen one of those in our town. My niece, who has a white mother and her father is my hubbys brother is like others said a few shades darker then us whiteys but not as dark as the daddys. Her hair is light brown and she has green eyes. Her mothers where green and daddys dark dark brown. I am so excited to have my baby to see just what she/he looks like. Just be prepared Kim, the babies are usually lighter when they are born and will gain color as they get a couple mnths old. good luck


check this out - August 7

my baby will be 1/4 puerto rican,1/4 El salvadoran, 1/4 mexican, and 1/4 irish! Im just hoping he/ she gets my green eyes! :)


linda - August 7

beautiful well atleast me and my husband we are both 1/2 and have olive skin green eyes and him olive skin and lgt brown eyes It dosent matter what race you are what matters is how your fetures are if you or your husband have big ears, eyes, lips or small fetures thats what your baby is bound to have either yours or his or someone in your family. These days erveryone is mixed with something or another. What you should be worried about is the health and well being of your child.



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