1 2 Native American Babies And Mongoloid Mark

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Jane - October 18

My husband is 100% chippewa indian and I am white. My mother-in-law keeps telling me about a mongoloid mark that looks like a huge bruise. Has anyone had a 1/2 native american baby and have they had this or do they just look like white babies?


to jane - October 18

You MIL is talknig about mongolian spots. They are birth mark like blotches that are often on the legs/bottoms of babies of Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, etc. descent. My husband was born to blonde parents. At only 1/4 Native American he had these spots when he was born. They faded by the time he was two. Be sure to be well informed on the topic. Some people who don't know about this may raise allegations of child abuse.


Jane - October 18

Christy- thanks for the info. I didn't even think about how people could think child abuse from them.


Courtney - October 18

I am almost half and my mother was also white and I didn't have any...I got the recessive jeans..my neighbors are exactly half native american and they do have the dark hair and darker skin, but they didn't have the marks that you are referring too:)


Christy - October 18

I think in most cases they fade when they are very young. My oldest was born with the spots my youngest was not. Here is a web site with information on Mongolian Spots www.drgreene.com/21_1143.html


To Jane - October 20

I'm 1/2 Indian/Mexican and 1/2 white and I was born w/ 3/4 of my back looking like a bruise. My mom said she called the nurse and yelled wanting to know who beat me! Now I have a darker back but it is more tan then anything else. My husband says he can't really tell unless I point it out!! So don't worry it wont define who your child will be.


Jamie - October 20

My 100% caucasian daughter has mongolian spots, too. If your baby has them, make sure you get doc_mentation from the doctor stating the spots have been there since birth. In fair skinned children, they look EXACTLY like bruises, and so you could end up facing child abuse charges.



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