1st Appt Will Be At 12 Weeks Isn T That Late

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BB - September 7

My first appointment will be at 12 weeks and I'm wondering if that's not a little late! I've read all kinds of posts where women are having ultrasounds at 6 and 8 weeks! (This is my first pregnancy)


kl - September 7

my doctor likes to see you between 8 - 10 weeks...i guess that all depends on the doc...i have heard of others who have waited until 12 weeks


Julie - September 7

Yeah, it's late, but a lot of doctors like to do that because it "weeds" out those pregnancies that are going to miscarry. Not very nice, but that's what happens. I had to call around to a few different doctor's before I found one that sees you by 8, unless there is cause for coming in sooner.


lynnstress - September 7

My clinic does the first appointment at 6 weeks, no sooner. It probably depends on the doctor, clinic, insurance, how soon it is until the next full moon, etc.! :)


jb - September 7

My doctor said they wanted to see me between 8-10 weeks. By my last normal period I would have been 10 weeks, but I knew that was off. So they saw me and did an ultrasound and figured out that I was only 8 weeks.


Liz - September 7

I called for my appointment when I was 10 weeks but they didn't get me in until I was 13 weeks. I wouldn't worry about it


BB - September 7

I'm very nervous by reading some of the other general posts. I wish I could hear a heartbeat at least. Right now, I'm 9 1/2 weeks. I know that's considered early but I guess I'm just a little paranoid. Thanks all!


Tami - September 7

My doctor doesn't see you until week 10-12 unless you are considered high risk for some reason. He also doesn't do an ultrasound until week 20 unless there is an indication of something wrong. I think many doctors do this. I really wouldn't worry if you have not been spotting or anything. If you really are worried you can call the doctors office and talk to the nurses or him about your fears. Remember you are paying your doctor for his/her services, not the other way around!


m - September 7

I'm also still waiting for my first appointment. I found out I was pregnant a week ago, and couldn't get an appointment until next week (a 2 week wait). By my (very rough) calculations, I'll be 12 weeks by then. It's very hard to wait--it's my first, as well--but I figure the doctor has done this many many times, and if s/he isn't worried about it, I shouldn't be either. My friend said she saw a doctor right away, but just to confirm the pregnancy. I did another test yesterday and it came back SUPERpositive--the results showed up immediately and very dark, so I can only a__sume that means I'm indeed pregnant and nothing has gone wrong yet.


Stacy - September 7

Average is 8-10 weeks. My first ultrasound will be 3 days shy of 11 weeks. They do it for insurance/cost purposes.


jodie - September 8

BB- my first appt was at 12 weeks, and then I didn't even get my first ultrasound until 20 weeks! Thats just the way they do it i guess.


Lisa - September 8

When I found out I was pregnant (home test) I went to the doctors right away and I got an ultrasound; I was 5 weeks along. He then got me to come in at 7 weeks for a 2 week followup and now I have been getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks. Right now I am in my 14th week and it's another two weeks till my monthly check-up. But, I am in South Korea right now as well and the medical system here is different. For me to get a straight ultrasound and check up I'm paying about $35USD; that's with a picture and a videotape as well. When I got the bloodwork and urinalysis done it was an extra $100 USD. So, it's cheap here and the doctors are really nice.


L - September 8

Mine was at 12 weeks also. It does seem odd that nobody seems interested in you in what's supposed to be the most critical tiime of pregnancy doesn't it, but that's the way it is. I got my first u/s at 12 weeks too.


rl - September 8

when I took the home test I called and made apt I was at 5 wks and they did a sono and had me come back in 3wks and did another they did not even ask me how many wks I was when I called and made the appt they just made it when I said I had take a home test so I guess it just depends on the doc good luck I am sure everything will be ok and just think you should be able to hear the heartbeat on my first apt at 5wks even though I had the sono it was just a sac no baby or heartbeat that I could see but when I went back 3 wks later it had grown to the size of a peanut and had arm/leg buds was moving with a strong heartbeat!! so if they do a sono your gonna see a good pic of your baby ( :


Kris - September 8

I know how you feel...when I first moved to the city I was 8 weeks pregnant, and had a horrible time finding a doctor who was actually taking on new patients! I went to a walk in clinic when I was 8 weeks..and asked the doc there if she could possibly set me up with a OB and she said someone would call me within 2 weeks...2 weeks later nobody had called. So I started calling around clinics asking if there was OB's accepting new patients..FINALLY I found one..and I had to wait a month and a half for that appointment..I think when I finally got in to see that doc I was like 16 weeks pregnant or something..and the doc told me he USED to do deliveries..but not anymore...so he set me up with yet another doc..and I had to wait over a month for that appointment too. So when I finally had my permanent OB in the city I was 23 weeks pregnant..and didn't get my first ultrasound until I was 26 weeks pregnant. Now I am 33 and very happy with my doctor =) Although I missed out on alot of the tests that were suppossed to be preformed in the begining of pregnancy.


Jessie V - September 8

When I called my Dr and told them I had a pos. hpt they made the app. based off my LMP. I should haev been @ 8 at my Dr appt. But I was a little over 11 weeks at my first u/s;which was a week after I saw my Dr. It freaked me out to have the appt. so far after my pos. test, this is my first too. I went and got prenatal vit. and started taking them before I saw my Dr. I'm now 26 weeks with a boy. Try not to worry it goes by very quickly!!!!!!


jen - September 8

My doc wanted me in there between 6 & 8 weeks. I think it's late!



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