1st Trimester Ends 2nd Trimester Begins I Don T Know

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Missy - March 28

Hi Guys! Glad to be back - I have been gone for a week and boy did we need a vacation!! I am now at 13 weeks 2 days - when do i start my second trimester?!? I have heard so many different things and now I totally confused. I am hoping that I can hear the heart beat this week, I go to the Doctors in two days to do the Doppler. Has anyone else heard the HB at 13 weeks? Has anyone NOT heard it at 13 wks and been OK?


Rachel* - March 28

Hi Missy! I have heard mixed info on when exactly the second trimester begins. Some say 13 weeks and others say 14 weeks. I was able to hear the heartbeat during my 12th week. Your chances are really good. Let us know how it goes :)


Missy - March 28

Hi Rachel! How are you feeling lately? Have you found out the s_x of the little one yet? I am really excited to hear the heartbeat. I heard that if you bring a tape recorder they will make a tape recording of the heartbeat for you - is that true?


tara - March 28

Hi - if you are going on the 40 week pregnancy calendar then 2nd trimester begins at 14 weeks. Missy, you should be able to hear the HB with a doppler now. That's my favorite part at every appointment; but I have to wiat until next Friday :o(


Rachel* - March 28

I am feeling okay. Lots of headaches lately and my job is getting to me. Not a great time to change jobs though, so I guess I'll tough it out. I have'nt found out the s_x yet, I'm going to be 14 weeks tomorrow. My doctor is planning an ultrasound for week 20 so hopefully I will know what s_x it is then. If you bring a tape recorder I am sure they would let you record the sound of the heartbeat.


Missy - March 28

I seriously cannot wait. This is my first and I have never heard the HB before, I just wish that my BF could come with - but he works for the evil b___h from hell, so again, I am at it alone. Still, he has the US picture framed on his desk, so that makes me feel better.


Lovely - March 28

Hee hee... The heart beat is an amazing thing, ladies! It sounds different that that of our own. I have heard my little one's, and have been fortunate enough to see it twice in u/s. I actually get to go again tomorrow and hear it again! (because I'm high risk, I see my doc every 2 weeks!) I'm bringing my 5 year old boy, he's going to hear his sibling-to-be's wonderous sound. hey...btw, I'm 16 weeks... does that put me at 4 months?


Missy - March 29

Lovely - Is your 5 yr old excited? Are you going to find out (when the time comes) if you are having a boy or girl? The countdown has begun for me - 24 hours till I get to hear my little one's heart beat!! So glad the first trimester is almost (or is) over and hopefully I can kiss the porcelin god good bye!!


Foxy - March 29

Hi. I've been told that the second trimester begins at 13 or 14 weeks too. It's very confusing. It's great when you finally reach it though and stop feeling so tired and sick. I'm in week 17 now, but I don't look very pregnant yet. I saw and heard my baby's heartbeat at the 12 week ultrasound. It was the most emotional experience of my life. I go for another in 3 weeks. Can't wait! Good luck with yours.


D - March 29

Do any of you know when you can hear the heartbeat with a regular stethoscope? My husband has tried, and all he has heard is bowel sounds... :-|



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