1st Ultrasound At 5 5wks

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Lyssa - November 21

I had my first ultrasound at 5.5 wks and was told there was slow cardio activity, but was given no bpm. This is my first pregnancy and did not ask and questions about the heart rate. I was just told everything looked good and normal. I go again for another on Dec 14th and I am worried. I would much rather that they told me the bpm. I was given an ultrasound early due to cramps. Is it normal at 5.5 wks for the technician to note cardio activity and not record bpm? Thank you for your reply.


Jamie - November 21

I could be mistaken in this, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I *think* an actual heartbeat isn't detectable until 8 weeks, which could be why you weren't told bpm. But, you can always call your doctor and ask for the bpm - they'll have a report of the ultrasound, and that information should be recorded.


Jessica - November 21

No, I saw my baby's heartbeat at 6.5 weeks but still 5.5 weeks is still really earlier to worry. So much can happen in that one week. I would give your doctor a call tomorrow to ease your mind but I am sure everything is fine!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Steph - November 21

I just had my first u/s at 6wks 5 days and all my doc could see was the yolk sack, fetal pole, and black area where the baby is. He could not see a heartbeat yet, but said that there was nothing to worry about as the heart starts beating at about 6weeks. So, I would not worry about not seeingthe hb, and you will on the 14th! Try not to worry so much and enjoy being pregnant!


AA - November 21

I read that the heart starts beating at 5wks and is detectable around that time also. Lots of women have seen the heartbeat that early.


courtney - November 21

it varies


Amanda C. - November 22

It varies between baby and machine. Don't worry. Finding a heart beat that early is not the norm.



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