20 Weeks And 5 Days

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Brenda - May 3

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to know how all of you who are 20 weeks are feeling? Have you felt the baby??? Has your partner felt it yet???


pergo nc - May 3

I am 20 weeks and 4 days. I feel GREAT! I have been feeling the baby move for weeks. It stopped for a while (about a week) and I got a little worried, but she started back moving around. I can't feel it from the outside yet because every time i put my hand on my belly, she won't move. Have you guys felt the baby move from the outside yet?


Grumpy Bear - May 3

I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow and i have felt flutters, but i haven't felt anything from the outside of my belly. Im bummed cause i have no bump i don't look remotly preggy! i have bump envey!! the baby isn't moving to much this week last week i felt it all the time. Do you now what you having? when are you next ultrasounds?? mine won't be till 32weeks unless something comes up!! URGGG!


Leahp - May 3

Hi ladies, I feel awesome, great energy level!! I have been feeling my little girl move since week 15, but it has gradually gotten stronger!! She gave my hubby a real big kick the other night!!! He was ecstatic, I can also feel her from the outside, but my hubby can't always, sometimes they're just too subtle! It has been the most magnificent part of pregnancy, I live for feeling her move within!!!!


KrisD - May 3

I'd be lying if I said my pregnancy had been a blast up until this point, but for the past 2 weeks or so I have been feeling human again. I have been feeling the baby kick since week 18 and last night I could actually see my stomach move from the outside. My husband is yet to feel a kick, though. I pretty much hit the couch as soon as I get home from work, but I have been much more active on the weekends. Thank God!


JB - May 3

I didn't feel my little one until 22 weeks and my husband felt him at 24 weeks.


Karen - May 3

I am 19.5 weeks and I been feeling my little boy since 17 weeks. I have heartburn all the time and I still get sick when I look at some foods. Motivation level, Consintration level, mood and memory has been real low. My bf has not really felt anything yet. Baby moves to his voice now, he talks to my belly often. Loving my pregnany although I get consumed with fears often.



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