20 Weeks And Not Feeling Anything

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Jenn - January 9

Hi everyone! I am at the half-way point, and so very excited. This is my first baby. I research and read endlessly, but sometimes the best advise is to hear what other people are going through or have experienced. I know that in first pregnancies you often feel it move but mistake it for something else, but I don't even have that maybe yet. People ask me everyday if I feel the baby kick, which just makes me feel more anxious. How far along were you all when you first felt movements? Is anyone else in my predicament?


Heavenly - January 9

Hi Jenn...... I am also at the 1/2 way point with my first child. I wondered the same thing. Friday when I went for my ultrasound (yeah, it's a girl :o) ) I asked my Dr what it;s suppose to feel like. Does it feel like a poke, does it hurt, etc......he said that it will be like gas bubbles. I have been told that more than once too. Anyway, later that evening I felt my first kick!!! It is kinda like a little poke from the indside. It feels so weird. Unfortunately I haven't felt it since Friday (unless she is kicking me while I sleep). I am confident that you will feel a little kick or poke soon. I know you have got to be anxious to feel the baby move. I myself can't wait until I feel the next one. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?


KM - January 9

I was 18 wks I think ..pretty much around where you are now. But everyone is different.sometimes it can take up to 28 wks. Don't worry you will feel those tiny kicks eventually, and near the end when he/she gets stronger you will start thinking.. when will they stop already!! hehe


Tracey - January 9

I'm also in my first pregnancy and I didn't really start feeling anything at all until 22-23 weeks. I was paying close attention by 20 weeks, but my baby just didn't want to let me feel her! I asked my doctor if this meant that there could be a problem and he said no. As long as your doc picks up a good heartbeat at each visit, there's no reason to worry. Sometimes it just takes time for the kicks to be felt through the stomach muscles. Also, the kicks are so light at first, if your baby is active at night, it wouldn't even be enough to wake you up. I wouldn't worry about it. Right now I'm 32 weeks and I wish she'd settle down once in a while so I could get some sleep! It will all happen with time. The best thing to do is just sit back and enjoy it!


AL - January 10

I'm in my 20th week. I thought I could feel a bubbling sensation last week, but haven't felt anything since Friday. I'm not sure whether what I was feeling last week was all wishful thinking! The books all say it varies, so I guess like you, I'll just have to be patient!


Amy - January 11

I asked the same question when I was in my 20th weeks. I didn't start to feel my son till I was 23 weeks gone. Now he kicks and moves all the time! It's a kind of single 'throb' when he kicks! I was paranoid that he was paralized or something when I couldn't feel him. But as soon as you do, there is nothing in the world like it! Good luck x


Heather B - January 11

It took me a long time before I felt the baby kick so don't worry. I also was very anxious, try reading, it will take your mind off of always thinking about your BIG upcoming day!!!


Jenn - January 12

and then there was movemnt :) I have been feeling the baby move the past couple of days. Just gentle little nudges from the inside. I went to the OB-GYN today, the nurse said the baby was moving a lot. She could tell by the noises in the doppler, I guess as the baby continues to grow and its bones harden I will feel more and more. I am so excited!!!! My ultrasound is scheduled on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the babies legs aren't crossed. I am really hoping to find out what gender the little one is.


m - January 12

Good Jenn, I'm glad you are finally feeling it. Isn't it the BEST feeling in the world?? Until the 8th month or so when it starts kicking your bladder. LOL. I was right at 20 weeks with my first son. There was very little movement for a week or 2, then one night, BOOM it was like he decided to let me know he was in there! He turned into a little blackbelt overnight! Congrats, and enjoy! :o)


Allison - February 3

I'm in my 20th week and I haven't felt anything that I can be sure is baby movement. I sometimes have a strange sensation in my abdomen but I don' t know if it is the baby or something else. I hope I start to feel some movement soon!



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