20 Wks Pregnant And No Kicks

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Wibble - April 19

I've been feeling flutterings for a month now, but I still haven't felt anything like a strong kick. How long does it take between feeling those first movements and the real kicks? Getting a bit worried!


Steph - April 19

Oh my Gosh. My baby's kicks weren't strong til around 25 weeks. My husband was finally able to feel them then


JB - April 19

Wibble, I first felt my lil one at the end of my 21st week. I did not feel any "flutters" before then. Now the lil booger kicks all the time. I'm currently 24 weeks. Try to drink some juice and lay down. That's how I first felt him move. Good luck


mandy~ - April 20

this is my first baby i felt 'flutters' at around 15wks and my first strong kick at 19wks now im 25wks and when he kicks my whole stomache vibrates!! :)


nelly - April 20

With my 1 pregnancy it was a little after 20 weeks when I started feeling movements. I am pregnant now with my 2 and I have been feeling movements sense 12 weeks. You should start feeling them soon. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


Candy - April 20

I didn't even feel flutters till 20 weeks. I can't remember when I felt kicks but you don't need to worry. They'll come. It's really cool too. I thought I'd hate it but sometimes if I don't feel him for awhile I'll purposly drink or eat something sugary to get him going.


Dal - May 9

This is my first child. He's a lil boy. Yay! I felt him move at around 16 weeks. Im currently 20 wks and since hes getting bigger its getting more crowded in my lil belly so hes starting to slow down on the kicking. But he is still kicking/moving around 5 times an hour atleast.


Maleficent - May 10

this is my 3rd baby and didn't feel ANYTHING untill about 22 weeks. now baby never stops moving.


Karen - May 10

I am 20 weeks too and Just about a week started to really feel them. He usually starts moving or kicking after I eat or drink something. Dont worry I was told that when they start they dont stop. Good luck



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