21 And Pregnant

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Natasha - September 3

My boyfriend and I were together for about 4 years and were deciding to get married. As it would happen I broke up with him when he was against plans to be abstinent. At first I used to give in but with the guilt that I felt I broke it off with him. A seemingly great friend that I had comforted me through the whole thing but ironically we ended up becoming too close and now I am pregnant for him. I love my former boyfriend and he also loves me. Now that this has happened he apologises for not having been more sensitive to my needs and for being so selfish. I now feel guilty because at the time when I was feeling my lowest I allowed myself to do what I said I did not want to. Now, I am 24 weeks pregnant with my ex wanted to support me and my friend thinking that we should start a serious relationship for the sake of the baby. What should I do?


SaRaH - September 1

Good luck! that is all the advice i can give you!!!!


Viv - September 1

What a terrible predicament. My heart goes out to you. Being dedicated to abstinence does not lend itself to being well prepared. My hope for you is that the ex will see that now is the time to propose, other man's child notwithstanding. Otherwise you will both spend the next ten years grieving the loss and separation.


cindy - September 3

I do not think you should start a relationship with your friend just because it is his baby unless you love him in that way. You would regret that later, but I do think he should be in the baby's life if he wants to. As for your ex, if he can understand and still be able to support you then why not give a chance. But if get the feeling that he would not treat the baby right because it is not his then be careful, because your baby should come first. Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you. God bless!!!


Katie - September 3

Natasha, You have to be out for yourself and your baby in this kind of situation. It doesn't matter if your friend wants to start a serious relationship, do you want to?...Your boyfriend of 4 years obviously loves you, Do whats important for the baby. Just because your boyfriend didn't donate the sperm to make this baby, doesn't mean he won't be a good role model, and maybe even a great daddy. Do not feel obligated to start a relationship for someone you don't have feelings for!



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