21 Week Roll Call

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Jess - June 1

How are we all doing at 21 weeks??? Do we know the s_x yet? picked out a name? Starting to get anxious? I know I am very excited and scared. I cant wait for DD!!


Audrea - June 1

Hi Jess, I have never conversed with you but thought I would respond because I am 21 weeks also. To answer your questions, I am having a girl-YEAH! We are still tossing some names around. I never thought it would be so hard to choose a name. But the name is a big deal. It has signifigance(sp?) in the origin and meaning and she will be stuck with it for the rest of her life. I have had some favorites, but my sister used two of them on my nieces and one of my cousins has also used one of them. Is it tacky or wrong to name your child the same that your cousin chose? He does live half a country away and I may see him once every 3-5 years due to the distance. Half my family moved to Virginia and the other half is here in Texas with me. It may not be a big deal if you think of how often we see eachother, but my husband and I have talked a little about moving to Virginia. So----if I used my cousin's daughter's name, it would get confusing, not to mention what others may think of me choosing that name after he named his daughter. Not sure if it is selfish, or rude, or inconsiderate??? I am getting a little anxious, or concerned. Have you had any braxton-hicks? They say they start around 20 weeks. I think I had my first bout of braxton-hicks today.I have heard they are not supposed to be painful, just a little tightening of the uterus you can feel. I am also anxious for my little Precious to get to the viability stage to help me with my anxiety of pre-term labor. I am a Neonatal ICU RN, and that can be a drawback while I am pregnant because I know a little too much about little wee babies born too early or sick or with a disability. The best thing so far about this pregnancy is seeing my little girl during the sonogram. She would not sit still, just moving around all over the place. It was strange because I could not feel a thing and here she was moving all over the screen. I cried when I got the first real good look at her. The tech got a picture of the bottom of her foot, and it was so perfect as if I had stamped it on a piece of paper like the ones done after they are born. Just the site of her little foot made me cry. My husband was in there crying right along with me, especially after we found out it was a girl. I have been saying that I don't care what the s_x is as long as it is healthy and has a fulfilling and great life. But, deep down inside I wanted a girl. I want to be to my daughter what my mother could not be for me, so it was important that I at least get that chance. I would love to have a boy next time, but we all know the relationship between a mother and daughter is not the same as between a mother and son. Just like it is with a father and son vs. father and daughter (which is very special for me). Jess, what kind of fears do you have and what are you excited about. Do you know the s_x or a name yet? Have you been feeling it move or had any 'real' strong kicks yet? How about weight gain. I only know that at 18 weeks I had gained 3 pounds. I go to the doc next week. I am so afraid I have gained over 10 pounds, due to the fact that I am no longer vomiting all the time, and my food aversions are almost gone, and I actually want to eat now and get hungry more and am craving powdered doughnets all the time. I get Mrs. Bairds that come in a little pack with six little doughnets in them. It always feels like I wanted more after I ate them, but I know I can't eat more than one pack at a time if I don't want to gain too much weight. I break down at least once to twice a week to get some. If I did not care about gaining too much, I would eat them everyday, and maybe even for breakfast and as a dessert after lunch. Wow, I would get huge and stretch marks if I did that. I will just have to suck it up and use moderation. If it were up to my husband, he would ban sugar from my diet, actually anything that was white would be banned from the house, including caffiene.


Audrea - June 1

WOW, sorry about the book I wrote. I did not realize how long that was. Once I started typing, I just kept going with what was in my mind I guess. I will keep it shorter from now on. Totally did not realize, I apologize to all of you who read it and it becomes like a novelette to ya.


Jess - June 2

My fears of complications during labor for me and or baby and I am scared of the pain. I am excited to meet her and see what she looks like. I also cant wait to hold her in my arms.


Karen - June 2

I am 23 weeks although a little over you guys. I have the same fears and concerns. My little bundle is a boy. He has started to wake me up and keep me up with movements. I dont get to see him until another 2 weeks at my next visit. Oh I love those visits for that. Last time he opened his mouth that was just an unexplainable joy ! and dad enjoyed the experience as well. I want my next to be a girl and have made the plans for her God willing for the next year or two. My bf is like oh you think it goes liek that you put in your order and boom get what you want. I am like yea I want my daughter and I am gonna have her so you better give me the sperm for her. He just looked at me like I was sycho. HA



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