22 Weeks How Much Baby Movement

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Cc - July 11

I read in other threads that the other moms-to-be felt movements as early as even 16 weeks! I'm a bit jealous because I am 22 weeks along and all I can feel is like a huge worm squirming inside my belly. Nothing spectacular--just squirming...and not that often. Does anyone feel the same way? Should I be worried? Else, I feel fine and no other pains, etc.


Lisa - July 11

If you are worried just contact your doctor. If you had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and everything was okay it's probably okay. I know everyone feels it at different times. I started feeling him when I was 15 weeks a little bit. I am 18 weeks and have just started to feel him a lot, I feel everyday. Especially at night time. I think it's just different for everyone.


Mel - July 11

With 1st preg I felt son at 16wks. I'm 20wks now with 2nd child and barely feeling anything. About every other day for the last wk a little bump or twist. My cousin is 21wks and she's still not even really feeling anything. I read that the placement of the placenta can affect how soon you feel the baby.


Cc - July 11

Thanks, Lisa. Yes, the 20 week ultrasound was fine and I saw the baby hip-hop dancing *lol. Size was OK , too. But I just wonder what other ' baby movements' the other moms-to-be are talking about :(. Could it be because I have had quite a bit of fat in the middle area even before I got pregnant...?


Cc - July 11

Thanks, Mel. My anxiety level just went down after reading your post! :)


michelle - July 13

i am now 23 weeks and did not feel movement until about 20 weeks. Now he/she will not stop moving!


Ilia - July 14

I'm also 22 weeks. But is it also normal to sometimes not feel any movement? I mean sometimes I do, some days I don't or not really and then again...Or is it supposed to be ALL THE TIME from week something??


Christy - July 14

Has the doctor said anything about your uterus being tilted? Mine is and I don't feel as much b/c of it.


Cc - July 15

No, the doc said everything was fine 2 weeks ago. So, I'm just wondering why others seem to say they feel more movement and I don't. Just jealous :((((.


Heather - July 15

I am a little over 17 weeks and feeling nothing. I know I have a tilted Uterus, maybe that's the reason for not feeling movement?


Lissi - July 15

I remember at 22 weeks I could feel some actual kicks, but they were very light and I would sometimes go 2 days without feeling anything. I also felt a little squirming. I questioned my midwife about it and she said I wouldn't feel much before 24 weeks, and it was nothing to worry about. She was right. I'm now 32 and a half weeks, and my daughter is as strong as an ox. Think she may be a hammer thrower at the 2016 Olympics. :)


Meanie - July 16

I'm 23 weeks. The same not much movement. Maybe my baby is lazy? haehaehae



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