23 Down 17 To Go

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Grumpy - May 18

I feel like i have been preggy for years!!! And im not even showing!!! im 23 weeks preg not showing at all i don't even look in that "chunky" stage maybe once i start showing everything will move a little quicker, anybody else feel like be pregnant is still not "real" everyone around me is so excited and shopping and getting ready and im i guess "depressed" ???? anybody?


Karen - May 18

Kinda there with you 22 weeks and 18 to go. It seems like forever. I plan to start shopping next month and that is taking long to come. Looks like we are due close together. Not depress but scared. Being praying a lot and hoping everything is well cant wait to get my hands on my little MAN !!!. His father has pretty eyes so I am hoping he gets them. I hope I dont go crazy with the shopping. Dont worry the time will creep up soon I HOPE !!!!!


leslie - May 18

I totally know how you are feeling! I am 5 months today 5 MONTHS!!!and I don't even look pregnant I hate it and then all this week I have felt skinnier than previous weeks..I was starting to get alarmed thank God Is not happening to me only..I bought some maternity shirts and I want to wear them NOW!! and then its funny how everyone talks about it and buys stuff and I am like am I really pregnant? and then today I felt 3 real kicks I can't belive that somethig so small can hit so hard!!


ES - May 18

31 Weeks and 9 to go and I still feel depressed and the time is moving so slow I think I will never have this child. I am grumpy and chunkier and I feel as if my b___sts might explode if the grow anymore. This is the longest pregnancy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


monica - May 18

to es... that is funny. I feel the same way. my b___bs are so big and I feel chuncky and I am not feeling like a cute pregnant woman anymore and I am only 29 week 11 more to go!!!!


ES - May 18

I have never felt cute and pregnant just bloated and no whale like. I feel her pushing organs where they don't belong and putting things in places they don't want to be. I want to be done with this. When are you due Monica? I was due on the 25 th of July but now they have agreed if things look favorable to strip my membranes at 36 weeks and induce at 38. My husband is in the military so they are doing this so he can be here for the birth.


monica - May 18

to ES I am due on august 1st. I want to deliver end of july.... and I cant wait. I never heard of stripping of the membrane. what is that?



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