26 Wks Preg N Feeling Pressure

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Jenny - September 16

Ladies, i am 26 wks preg. 'n i am feeling pressure down there, does anyone know is this pressure normal? i feel like something is pushing. it stays for a sec or so and then goes away. when i lay down i feel ok. and then it starts in few hrs again.. does anyone knows pls give me feed back, i am little worried.. Thanks


Tanyav - September 16

Hi Jenny, I was feeling the same thing last week and still do at times. I was feeling pressure pretty low and it would go away in a little while. It sort of freaked me out. I think it's the baby moving around lower in your stomach and it could also be streching. I'm going to the doc tomorrow and i'll ask her.


. - September 16

Could be the baby dropping.


s - September 17

it is probably your babys head (or feet-depending on its position) moving against your cervix. it is quite uncomfortable!!


mechelle - September 17

i'm 23wks and a full-time waitress. suprisingly i started feeling this 3 wks ago, i called my doc and he said that if you've had children before the pressure can start a little early.(due to the fact that everything has already shifted and can move a lot easier). also if you are on your feet a lot during the day then naturally the baby's weight is gravitating down so it's natural to feel pressure. my doc said to dring plenty of water when i'm on my feet, and if i start contracting or bleeding with it then to call him.


kEEKEE - September 17

You might want to invest in some Pregnancy books. Reading month by month about my body changes while pregnant really helped me when I had questions and concerns about pregnancy. The pressure feeling is normal. If the pressure gets too bad contact your doctor. Take care jenny


Jenny - September 18

Thanks a lot everyone, It really helps to confirm what i have been thinking. as i have been thinking same that it might be baby's position etc.. Tanyav Pls let me know what your doc said? i have an appt with doc tomorrow as well. Thanks Again.



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