27yr Old Grandmother

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Miranda - December 15

I'm 27 years old and a GRANDMOTHER!!! I know it sounds bad, but wait till you here my story! It started when I was 10 and I got my first period, since then I developed rapidly, I had br___ts by 11 and looked older then i was (people look at photos and are shocked). I went to a party when I was 12 and I lost my viginity to a guy of 17 and got pregnant. I had my daughter by the time I was 13 and vowed that I would teach her proparly about s_x and make sure she knew the things I didn't (i don't regret my daughter at all, but I was very young and didn't want her making the same mistakes I did.) When my daughter turned 10, I was nervous! Then one day she was sent home from school and I found that she had started her period!!! She too had developed at lighting speed and by the time she was 12 she looked like a young lady (it was like looking into a mirror of my past!) The next part is desturbing, I find it very difficult to talk about! One day, my daughter went to her friends house after school. She didn't tell me where she was and naturally I worried! When I finally found out her location, I let her know how worried and upset I was and we had a row. I told her to let me know when she wanted picking up and she was so mad, she put the phone down on me. At about 10:30 my little girl stumbles into the living room in floods of tears and collapses in my arms. She stopped screeming and crying long enough to tell me she was RAPED! She was so mad at me that she decided to walk home from her friends, and she was attacked! I was an absolute state, I could have prevented this!!! After imforming the Police etc all we could do was wait! Weeks later my daughter missed a period and was too afaid to tell me, when she finally did, we got her tested and she was PREGNANT! She was MY 13 year old daughter and pregnant, like me! She was adiment to keep the baby, and as I could not have been swayed in the past, I promised to stand by her whatever she chose. Now we welcome another little girl into our family! I'm 27 and already a grandmother! I am petrified for my grandchild and pray to god, she doesn't share what feels like a 'cursed' fate!!!


Christine - December 15

Oh my god...this story has me in tears..Thats the pregnancy as well...I can only say I wish you the best...I am 27 and pregnant with my 3rd...I couldnt imaging my daughter being pregnant though they are only 4 and 6 so you can see why...your doing the right thing by standing by her...and it is not your fault...being a parent is hard at times and you being worried about her was absolutely normal...either way it could of happened...You did the right thing by informing the police..and now you stand by her nomatter what...that makes you a great mother...I wish you and your family good luck...hold on.. and keep your head up...everything will turn out ok...


m - December 15

I'm so sorry to hear about this. Did you find the rapist? You 3 girls just have to stick together and you can get through anything! I'm glad to hear you are sticking by your daughter. Good luck and Godspeed!


w - December 15

WOW, that is one story all i can say is history repeating itself but in a disturbing way!!! All you can do it just look out for your grandchild you just dont know what is round the corner. be happy anyway you have lovely new life and look to the future. Good Luck x


Ashley - December 15

WOW!! I had my daughter when i was 14 2 weeks b4 my 15th birthday same as my mom did with me....i can say you are a great mother mine wasnt as supportive but she has come around.....i am like you and want my daughter to break the "cycle" and i would have felt the same as you did....you did everything right.....my daughter is now 5 and i am hoping she developes later than i did.. i am 10 weeks pregnant with my second maybe itll help drive her away from doing anything.....lol...good luck to all of you and keep on being the great mother that you are i wish you the best!!!


Lisa - December 15

Miranda, this is a very sad story, and i feel for you deeply. I understand your decision to stick by your daughter, but do you think she can tolerate giving birth to a child at her age and take care of it responsibly? She is so young and i would imagine that you will probably have to help her raise this baby. The other thing that's concerning is that when this child is older, will you tell her that she is the result of of a horrible violent act? She will want to know who her father is when she is older, I am sure of that. When this man is caught he will almost certainly go to prison, and deservedly so. I hope he rots there! I don't know how i could cope with this in the back of my mind...what genetics this child will have etc etc. I admire your courage and i hope I haven't offended you in any way by asking this. I wish you the best.


t - December 16

Are you sure your daughter was raped ? Young girls can lie and maybe she didn't want to admit to you she had s_x.


kim - December 18

Hang in there!!! Everything will be ok and it always works out. I would have done the same thing you did. I hope all goes well for you and your family. You are a strong person and will beable to handle whatever may come your way.


Mellissa - December 19

I know it must have been hard to try and communicate to your daughter how "wrong" it was/is to become s_xually active before you are emotionally ready and properly educated on STD's and birth control when it was your own "wrong-doing" that resulted in your daughter being born. But, you should let yourself sleep easier knowing that your daughter's own child was not a result of her choosing to become s_xually active. This isn't a curse, it's just a very unfortunate coincidence that you can turn into a blessing. Make sure your daughter is on reliable birth control from here on in and let her know that you don't blame her. Together, you can raise this new baby with a fresh outlook on life. Neither of you must ever be afraid to be upfront and frank about s_x with her and the impending responsiblilities and consequences it ALWAYS brings. Preaching abstinence is not an option but you are both living proof of the sacrifices that were made for engaging in s_x too early. Just let her know that, although she turned out to be a blessing in both of your lives, becoming a mother so early caused you both to sacrifice and miss out on a lot and you want things to be different for her.


E - December 19

wow what a lie


Tasha - December 20

Wow! This story gave me chills! I feel bad for your daughter but at least there is a wonderful baby in the picture now. Just do the best you can. I am sure everything will work out just fine. Best of luck to you, your daughter, and your new granddaughter! ~21 wks and 1 day preg.~


ashley - August 3

I'm praying for you and your family!


to Miranda - August 4

If you called the police that day, she probably had to be taken to the hosptial to be checked out. Don't they give emergency contaception in these cases? Why was/would your daughter be an exception? #2 you have a row/ she hangs up on you and you let her remain at the friends house--til 10:30? "Call me when your ready?" screams poor parenting skills or bad liar. Which is it?


Ranya - August 4

This is a very old thread so I suppose you won't get an answer...I was also curious to know if they ever caught the rapist?!?


R - August 4

yeh what story. Sorry i dont believe it. If the police were informaed she would of had to go get a check up at a hosptial for them to collect traces of s____n etc in order to help them catch the person just in case he was a repeat offender. They would of definatley insisted on emergency contraception (morning after pill) to prevent a pregnancy.


J - August 4

Not trying to be mean here but this is pretty unbelievable and I agree with the gal that said why didn't she take her to the hospital to get the morning after pill.


Rosely - August 4

Pray.......God Knows Why and when........he is the only one that can give you strength.....i will pray for your family to



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