28 Weeks Dilated To 1cm

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bridgettebaby2 - March 5

i am 28 weeks with my 2nd kid and my doc says i'm dilated to 1cm and thinks she will be here with in 8 weeks he also put me on bed rest, and told me i might have to have a stich put up in me, to keep me from dilating any more. any body know about this or had this done? or do you think my baby will come soon?


nicole12 - March 7

Bridgette, when I was pg my dr accidently found that I had a premature cervix, but it was too late to have the stich, but now that we know that I have this, I will have the stich next time, I do know women who have had it and many of them went full term. keep us posted and good luck


bridgettebaby2 - March 9

nicole, thanks for the help! your the only one!! how far is to far along? i went back to him on monday and he did'nt say nothing about it but i did dilate 1/2 cm more and he srill thinks she will be here with in 6 weeks. do you think if i dont have this done my baby will come soon? i really want to bring my baby home with me, thanks bridgette


angelgabby84 - March 9

Hi Bridgette, I was 5cms dilated when i was 24 weeks pregnant and that was too far along to have the stich because if i dilated any more then i was told they would tear out. I was given a drug to try and close the cervix up and was told that if it went back down to 3cms then i would have the st_tch and that it would be removed when the docs thought it was time for the baby to come out. (If you go into labour with the stich in you have to have it removed first). I never stopped dilating so i never ended up having the stich. But if they had know about it as early as you do then i would probably be a mum today.


denimb__terfly - March 9

The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy. I did the bed rest thing (could not stand it) and I stayed dilated to 1cm. Then I was 2cm for awhile. They were sure I would deliver by 34 weeks and I had to go every week to the docs for them to check me (a nurse came to my house to see me once a week too) They finally let me off of bed rest and I ended up delivering at 38 weeks. No problems. So, I guess if you are like me, just do the bed rest thing and listen to the docs (although I must warn you being on bed rest makes you go crazy after awhile!)


Tracy88 - March 9

I am 29 weeks/5day and on bed rest as we speak for an incompetent cervix. I am not dilated though, so that's good, but my doc said if I can't stay in bed he'll have to put me in the hospital so I'll comply. He said I am too far along to have the st_tch and that they usually reserve that option for earlier in pregnancy. It's nice to hear from Denimb___terfly that there's a possibility that I can get off of bed rest at some point. Good luck and keep me posted on what happens.


nicole12 - March 12

Bridgette, I am sure that it differs from dr. to dr., but my dr. won't do them after 24 weeks. I wasn't expected to go past 26 wks, went to the dr. once a week and had to quit work, but i went to 37 weeks and everything was fine, so good luck


caligirl - March 13

if u can, put the stich in....i had to have a stich at 17 weeks as i was dialated almost 2cm and having contrations every 2 mins...they now call my son the miracle baby as he shouldnt be here today..i was on 100% bedrest till they took my stich out...so from april till the end of august i was on bedrest only getting up to go to the bathroom adn taking a 5 min shower every other day...


caligirl - March 13

its worth it if u can have it...now if i get pregnant again they will stich me at 12 weeks for sure then its potluck if im on moderte or complete bedrest as they didnt know what would happen since i was on 100% for 6 months.....


cblack - March 13

I know that my sister had to get the stich done and she was still on bedrest. I think it is called a cercloge. Anyway from what I understand it helps to keep you from dialating even more. It seems to be pretty common though, I have 3-4 friends that have had it done, and my sister. Only one that I know of actually delivered early.


nicole12 - March 15

bridgette, do you have an update for us? We hope that all is well!


bridgettebaby2 - March 15

well i've been to the doc 2 times and i'm still dilated 1 1/2 and now i'm 30 weeks he isnt going to put the stich in cause i'm to far along now i have a os on the 20th but he still thinks she will be here with in 5 weeks. i hope she stays as long as poss. i thank ever body for helping me i'll keep you up to date after my os. anybody else know any thing let me know



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