29 Weeks And Have Gained 35lbs Too Much

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Joanne - December 9

I'm wondering if I have gained too much weight? 35lbs in 29 weeks?


dani - December 10

Joanne, I've gained 37 pounds and I'm 37 weeks so I don't think your doing so bad. My dr said I should mellow out on the carbs, though. It's been really hard for me b/c all I crave is carbs and fatty foods.....lol. How is your diet?


Joanne - December 10

Dani- yep, all I crave is carbs also! haha, that's probably why I am gaining so much weight. I am normally really thin (110lbs) so it's kind of strange to be packing on the pounds! lol :) I know that I should probably eat less carbs.....but it seems like I just can't help it ! haha


Hmmm..... - December 10

How come I haven't gained that much? This is my third pregnancy, and I've always given in to my cravings. I didn't have a hard time losing the baby weight either.This time around it's been carbs and meats, or fatty foods and I'm 26 weeks almost, and have only gained about 15 pounds. I thought that since I haven't gained much, the weight is going to the baby when I give in to what he wants.


c - December 10

i've gained 32 pounds in 33 weeks, but the sucky part is that i've gained 9 of those pounds in the last month!!! my doc. tells me i'll be sorry if i have a big baby...i've been trying to be good, i just get hungry. any one have suggestions on what to snack on (let me rephrase, on what to snack on that won't pack the pounds on???) i don't crave a lot of carbs or sugar....sigh...


mechelle - December 10

to hmmm. my dr has told me that some women just loose their metabolism during their pregnancy. sometimes a womans metabolism will stay the same and sometimes it will either stop or come to a slower pace.


Emily - December 11

Well , I have been through two pregnancies and am on my third. I was huge with my first gaining about 50-60 pounds. I lost the weight winthin two weeks from nursing. And I have'nt had to go through any major weight gains during pregnancy since, so dont expect that just because your gaining alot with this one that you will with others. It's alot easier to lose pregnancy weight than just trying to lose weight on its own. You will probably whip right back into shape if you choose to nurse. good luck.


claireberry - January 18

ive gained 12lbs so far an i have five weeks left


KelyFranz - January 18

Don't stress about weight. I know everyone wants to gain as little weight as possible, but let me tell you, if my doctor told me to cut how much I was eating, I'd kick him. I am hungry ALL OF THE TIME. If you feel concerned, avoid a ton of fatty things like fast food, fried foods, and candy/sweets. Also, being pregnant is beautiful. Even if your arms, legs, face, love handles, ankles, and wrists all swell and hold extra weight, it is still beautiful. Do your best, but don't get insecure or stressed. Worry about your weight after you have the baby, because thats the time when you can take steps that will actually pay off. If you diet now, you'd still gain weight because you have a growing baby inside of you. Anyway, you only have 11 weeks to go. Good luck!!!


Jewell24 - January 18

I was worried I hadn't gained enough going into week 28 and have gain 17 pounds. The doctor says it's okay though. However I'm still a little worried my "neck" bones are becoming more apparent to me. I've been having problems with nausea though.



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