2 Missed Periods One Spotting What S Going On

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YungMama - November 24

2 months ago I missed my period, the next month I spotted, and this month I missed AGAIN!I've always been regular, like clockwork.I took several home preg tests that came out negative, went to a doctor who took another urine test and that came out negative too.I'm experiencing a few of the signs, but I don't know what to think.My fiance and I really want to have a baby.Could I be pregnant?What should I do?Should I go see a gynecologist?Please help


leanne - November 24

preg test will give u the answer :P


ML - November 24

have a doctor do a blood pregnancy test. that should answer your question for sure. good luck


Se - November 25

Is Gemma there? If you are please could you give me some advice since you are pregnant and you know, well, I think you do.


nbp - November 26

well, periods can go wrong, depending on your age and stress and stuff, but i know people who had their period almost every month on time while pregnate. yes you could be pregnate. ask for a blood pregnancy test, if they won't do that, then take more pregnancy test, i have never had a test lie to me, but i have had people tell me about them coming up wrong. i tried for two years to get pregnate, and it was frustrating, because i had been on the depo shot and my periods were messed up as it was, i would have a period regular then it would skip a couple of months, or then it would come and last for a month, so it was frustating, every time i took a test, it came up negative, and i just kept taking one every week that i didn't start my period. deffinately get a blood test done, and sure go see a gynecologist, it won't hurt anything, and my ease your mind quicker. good luck


yungmama - November 26

nbp,leanne, ml, thanx for the mail. I have made an appointment to see the doc on Monday morning, i'll be able to get a blood test that morning and the results will be out early afternoon of the same day. i hope everything is and will be alright.



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