2 Weeks Late Negative Hpt But Ovulation Kit Is Positive

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trying2conceive - November 5

Okay.... I am almost 2 weeks late for my period.... I have pregnancy symptoms(fatigue, tender br___ts, missed period, etc etc) I took several HPTs and one blood test all negative. My doctor suggested I come back in two weeks to see her for more tests. Frustrated, I was sure I wasn't pregnant so my husband bought me and ovulation kit so we could continue trying. To my surprise, it tested positive 4 nights in a row which says i am supposedly ovulating??? How can this be true if I have missed my period? I need some advice please?!!!! I have heard that if ovulation tests stay positive several days in a row that this could be an indication of pregnancy? They say that LH (which u test for in ovulation kits) is almost the same as hcg?? Does anyone know anything about this? Please help me!!!!!!


Elanasnewmom - November 5

I am so glad you asked this question because I have used this three times and it has come out true. One morning I woke up with my husband, we had been trying for 6 mos. and don't ask me why, but it was 5 in the AM, and I decided to take an ovulation test. It came out possitive, so we did it and he went to work. I was on the phone with my SIL and I told her that the ov kit was pos. She reminded me that I should have my period. I ran back to the bathroom and took a preg test and it was possitive. I am due in 28 days. SO... my SIL started to try, she called me at 6am and said she is out of Preg tests but took a ov kit and it came up possitive. I went to Walgreens and purchased three different preg tets and went to her house. They all came up possitive. The Last month my sis called me it was time to test, her hpt came up neg, but Ovulation was possitive. She went to Lab corp and had blood drawn, and she is preg. So the Ov kits work, even though they say they dont. You may not have high enough HCG levels for the hpt to detect yet. I personally think you are pregnant, please let me know how it turns out, I am very curious!! Thanks! Good Luck!


trying2conceive - November 6

hey elanasnewmom! thanks so much for the answer!!! that gives me so much hope!!! i went to the dr about a week ago and that is when i got a neg. blood test... a friend of mine that i work with was 4 neg. blood tests but she was pregnant with twins lol but anyways, i am hoping maybe if my hormone is very low the Ovulation kits may be thinking its LH or something? no clue but im glad someone knows what im going through! thanks so much and I will definitely keep you posted!!!


maggieacm - November 7

trying2conceive, i'm the same way although i'm not late atleast for another day i start AF on the 7 or 8th and so i've had some symptoms, however i'm on 10dpo and they come out negative which i know i'm supposed to test till i'm late and i will on friday if the dreaded AF doesn't show, but i tested two days in a row now with my opk and they come out pretty positive not really dark like when i'm o'ing but the other line is quite present, but the hpt's are negative it's too weird..


Elanasnewmom - November 7

Maggieacm, My SIL showed neg. hpt until she was late, but the Ovulation kits were possitive!!


maggieacm - November 7

well i'm hoping i'm like your SIL cause i'm going nuts here, and i just wanna fast forward time to see if i am, although i know that i should wait, and i'm trying to stay positvie but with AF supposed to start today i'm just kinda stressed to see if i do at all...i hope not


trying2conceive - November 7

girls i hope you all are right! this makes 7 days in a row ive tested positive for ovulation! still havent started my period! grrr im due to start again on the 19th so if i miss again it will be 2 months skipped! still having pregnancy symptoms! im so confused? are they ov kits supposed to be positive that many days in a row?????


LeiLani - November 12

Hi trying2conceive. It is true that LH and HCG are similar. You can pick up HCG on an OPK but you cannot pick up LH on a HPT. Are your cycles usually regular? How long have you been ttc? I ask because sometimes women with irregular periods may have PCOS which would explain long prolonged positive OPKs since elevated LH levels can occur.


trying2conceive - November 12

we have only been trying for about 3 months now... my periods are ALWAYS! on time, down to the exact day and are always 28 days apart.... always have been... but the 19th is time for me to get AF again! still no signs anywhere... one more neg preg test but still very positve OPK tests everyday.... not exactly sure what is going on though??? SO CONFUSED LOL


ericahig - April 13

My husband and I have been trying for the last 2 months and I have been off of BC for 5 months. I am exactly 14 days late today and on day 48 of my cycle. I have taken 4 HPT tests. I have been cramping off and on for the last two weeks as if I'm going to start and still nothing. The lost 4 or 5 days I have had an awful craving to eat pickles with everything and I have been very tired, which I'm usually really tired before and around the time I start my period, but since that hasn't happened I have just remained extremely tired all the time. I have taken an ovulation test the past two mornings and they are postive. The test line is VERY dark. I haven't been to the doctor for a blood test yet because I feel like if I have 4 negative HPT's then my blood test is probably going to come back negative. I hope that I'm pregnant and want to believe that I am but I don't want to get my hopes up especially since I've had so many negative HPTs.


Grandpa Viv - April 13

You are right, three weeks late and still testing negative is not encouraging. Were you on BC for many years? If pregnant, by now you might hope for some nausea, which you don't mention. Perhaps you ovulated late this cycle. Test weekly until missing another period, then ask the doc for other explanations. GL!


ericahig - April 14

I have had some nausea, but it hasn't been regular. It's been very random and sparse but more so than I would normally have.


devttc - April 4

did you ever find out if you were ever pregant??? i know i am late, but i just now signed up for this forum because i am in the same exact situation...


FlawlessBaby - May 24

My last period was April 15th. I havent had one for May. My ovulation tests have been positive for 2 weeks straight but my pregnancy test is negative. I even have the symptoms. Im always tired, hungry, emotional, food cravings are really weird. I was craving teriyaki chicken and bread & butter pickles. Nausea & vomiting all throughout the day. Omg the frequency of having to use the restroom is terrible too. But what do i do?



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