2 Weeks Late Several Negative Hpts Help

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MW8705 - February 4

Ok, so I have a bit of a long and complicated story.. any answers or insight would be greatly appreciated. I have been on birth control since March of 2009. The doctor prescribed me to Yaz, but after 9 months of taking it and over 3 months of spotting between periods I stopped taking it for a month. I was put on Loestrin 24 in December. My period started on either the 20th or the 21st, and I started taking it the Sunday after (12/27). On January 1st (5 days into the first week) I had s_x and the condom broke. As soon as I realized what happened, I got freaked out and we stopped. He told me he was nowhere close to ejaculating, but I'm not entirely positive about that. I continued to take the pill as usual.. but I was having slight pain in my abdomen (right under my rib cage on both sides) for a few days. On the 10th I began to spot lightly. By the 11th I was bleeding fresh blood (not as much as with a usual period, but more than I've read is common with implantation bleeding) with a few clots and was almost sure that I wasn't pregnant. The flow I hear it's very uncommon to have a period early while on the pill, and when I didn't have a withdrawal bleed at the end of the pack, I began to worry that I was pregnant. I've never skipped a withdrawal bleed, but I've never bled so much during the active pills. Even though I didn't bleed, I began my birth control as usual the Sunday after the placebo pills. I am now nearing the end of my second week of pills in this pack. I no longer have abdominal pain, my br___ts are not tender or sore, and other than peeing a lot (which is not uncommon for me) I have no symptoms whatsoever other than a little weight gain which might be a side effect from the pill. I have taken 10 hpt's (A bit obsessive, I know) since the 11th of January and all were negative, the most recent being last Wednesday (1/27), when I was already a week late. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Is it possible to be more than 6 weeks into pregnancy and still testing negative, or is my cycle just completely thrown off from starting the pill again? I don't have health insurance, so a blood test or an ultrasound is out of the question.. especially if I'm worrying over nothing. I plan on testing again next week, but I worry that they will still be negative and not put my mind at ease. I am having a hard time waiting another 2 weeks to find out if I am going to have a withdrawal bleed. Once again, any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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