2nd Emergency Scan Tomorrow

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Angela.B.L - February 1

Hi all, i am feeling very stressed right now and due to have a scan tomorrow morning. my last period was 25/11/06. 21/2 weeks ago when i went for a shower i had been bleeding not a small amount but not a huge amount either. I had no pain and no more bleeding. I was booked in for an emergency scn (2 weeks tomorrow) and they said it could be a pregnancy that hasn't continued - (I didn't realise it could take so long for your body to realise and for you to miscarry!) or an early pregnancy - and i got pregnant outside of my dates? My periods are every 28 days, so am not sure if this is likely. I am very confused!! And very nervous. Could this mean that i got pregnant just before my dec period was due? Anyway, since then i have without a doubt had on and off period type pains and on one occassion in the shower i saw a brown coloured clot (atleast a week or so ago), but nothing else. This 2 weeks has taken so long to come and now i am just terrified and feel that realistically i have miscarried and my body is not aware. I should be 10 weeks pregnant but 2 weeks ago, the scan did not show an 8 week baby. I think it was more like 5ish weeks. Has anyone had a similar experience. Thanks x ?


sarahsteele - February 1

ive had a reasonably similar experience.. with the taking a long time to misscarry part that is.. i was surposably 13 weeks pregnant, but had not had any scans or anything for the intire pregnancy.. so at 13w2d i had some bleeding and went to the e.r and they sent me for a scan.. there was no baby.. it had be re-obsorbed into my body at around 8 weeks they said.. so id had a misscarriage 5 weeks earlier than the bleeding. very strange.. and very mortifying. im now 21 weeks pregnant again.. and every little pain worries me.. i wish u all the best and i hope that everything is ok..


Angela.B.L - February 2

Unfortunately i am scheduled to go and have it removed on Monday. In 2 weeks, there was just growth of 1mm. They initially said to come back and be re-scanned in 2 weeks, but i insisted i could not wait longer than 1wk. When i got home, i rang the consultant and explained that i knew 1mm was not enough. He looked at the scan's and sad that there is no way it would continue and that i needed to go back where they have now scheduled me. I am gutted but strangely relieved that it is offiially ended as i have known in myself for a few weeks. Congrats on your pregnancy. I am sure all will be fine, so try and relax!!! (easier said than done i know!) x



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