2nd Month Off Birth Control And Ttc

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Kelly - October 17

Hi, this is my second month off the pill, just had AF. I hope my cycle will be regular this month and I will know when I am ovulating... Really want to get pregnant but not trying to stress too much... Has anyone else had any luck coming off the pill? Not so lucky?


Rhonda - October 17

I have been able to get pregnant very quickly right off the pill...but this is my 3rd and I did wait about a year before i got pregnant again cause I am a bit older now and was on the pill a longer time...but you really should not have any problems may just take longer that is the only thing I have heard about but with my second I got pregnant the very first month off the pill....but my ex was very very fertile!! He has a total of 5 kids now and from what I understand his new wife (he has 3 by her) lost a couple in between their 3...good luck sending tons of baby dust your way!!!!


Alycia - October 17

I actually got pregnant the second month after getting off the pill, and I had been on it for many years. My husband and I just decided to have s_x every single day that month, but I did use an ovulation predictor kit anyway just to see for sure when I started ovulating (I don't think I did the first month off). I got my BFP twelve days after my OPK was positive (11 dpo). Good luck!


Kelly - October 17

That's what I'm afriad of, not knowing when I'm ovulating.. I guess I will have to pick up an ovulation predictor kit.. I don't know how it works though, can you use it right through the month or only once, sorry if that's a stupid question... Congratulations to you on your pregnancy :)


kris A. - October 17

Hi Kelly, the ovulation prediction kit you normally start testing on day 9 so you dont miss it, but ov normally occurs between 11-15 days after the first day of your period. I got pregnant three months after going off the pill, lost the pregnancy at 8 weeks, waited one month, and got pg the next month and am now 35 weeks. good luck :)


Lisa - October 17

It all depends really on your cycle length, how long you were on the pill and what kind of pill and how your body took to it. It took me 6 months for my body to get back on normal schedule and then another 7-8 months after that to get pregnant. But I was on the pill for a very long time too..


Amy - October 17

Hi Kelly, I am on my 4th month off the pill. We waited two months before trying, so we are now on our second month of trying. I think it's taking a little whie and wondered too if it was because of the pill. I have had 2- 27 day cycles and 1- 35 day cycle. I thinkI ovulated around CD 19 this month (last Thursday), but my husband was out of town from that Monday until Saturday--don't think we got lucky this month. How old are you? I am almost 28, no kids yet


karine - October 17

just have s_x, every second month,that is what is recommended, youll end up falling on the right date.


Kelly - October 17

Hi Amy, I'm 27, have 1 son....


Kelly - October 17

Karine, I hope you mean every second day..LOL...


Alycia - October 17

Kelly - Because your cycle is so unpredictable right now, I'd recommend using an OPK right after you stop your period, and continuing until you get a positive. I used a generic one (pretty cheap) and it worked great. Good luck! Oh, and if your husband's sperm count is normal it is okay to have s_x every day... a lot of people think it isn't. Obviously it worked for us!


Kelly - October 17

Can you use those OPK's more than once, or is a one time thing like a preg test... that could run in to a lot of money... I also don't know how they work...


Alycia - October 17

The kind I used was a box full of pregnancy-test like sticks. I paid $13.98 for 7 tests. My plan was to use them only until I could verify that I was ovulating. As long as you bd with your guy on a regular basis all month, you really don't need the OPK afterwards unless you start having trouble.


Lumina - October 18

I went off the pill and never did get my period again. It was a week late so I went to the dr's and I wasn't pregnant then, just my hormones were trying to get back to normal. But then 4 days after my dr's appointment I conceived. It was just lucky that I had s_x that day because I had no idea when I would be ovulating. Right now I am 9 weeks prego, and I was on the pill for 7 years before this, so I really don't think that some people have a problem conceiving right away after coming off of the pill. My friend, and my sister however have been off the pill for over a year and they are still waiting for it to happen. So I guess it just depends on your body. Try not to stress about it though, stress does a number on your body.


Kelly - October 18

Hi Lumina, Yeah, I was on the pill for 7 years too. I'm not stressing too much though, I already have a wonderful son... Thanks!! But I am looking foward to this month.


Dustie - October 18

It took me six months after stopping the pill and we were not trying.


Renee to Kelly - October 19

Hi Kelly, I was on the pill for 12 years and got preggers the following month after I stopped taking them. Talk about a fertile myrtle!!! Good Luck!!



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