2ww Waiting Anyone In The Same Boat

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hoping4baby3 - February 10

I'm 6 dpo and the waiting is killing me. Anyone doing anything to pass the time... I want to test so bad but I know its too early... Either way I will test on Valentine's day... I would love to give my husband the good news in this very romantic day!!! Anyone going through the samething? What are your symptoms? Lets compare :o) Baby dusts to us!!!


simplegirl - February 10

Well today i am 14 dpo and yes AF should be here today. I can't say i have had any symptoms though. been somewhat sick this week with a sore throat and congestion. but i was also stressed last night so that could delay Af. but im hoping that im just not having any symptoms.


Krissy68 - February 10

hoping4baby3 - I will join you I am 4dpo but I am going to go ahead and test on V-Day as well I know for me it is too early but I know with my last daughter 4 years ago I tested on V-Day and I got a bfp and V-Day fell on a Saturday and AF wasn't due for another 8 days so I am hoping I get lucky. I will keep my fingers cross for you. simplegirl - When are you going to test? Do AF show like clockwork? I hope she don't show and you get your BFP and a early V-Day present please test. Krissy68


hoping4baby3 - February 11

Krissy - Thats great to know that it is possible to get a positivie earlier than 14dpo... however I have to tell myself not to be too disappointed if I get a BFN again. Every month I go through this is is very upseting! Its great that you got your BFP on v-day... How did u tell your husband? Simplegirl-Let us know when you test! I would be so happy for you!!!


Krissy68 - February 11

hoping4baby3 - I just told him we weren't married just had been together for 15 years and this was our 3rd baby together and he played stepfather to my oldest daughter. I did it over the from I live in CA now have been for just about 9 years and he still live in OH that is where I am from. Now if I am pg this time around with my finance I am going to go all out to tell him I am still trying to figure it out but I will let you know. Good Luck and I am keeping my fingers cross for you and simplegirl. simplegirl - Did you test? Krissy68


simplegirl - February 12

hey girls no i havent tested. been spotting since yesterday so im sure she will be here by tomorrow. the spotting is dark red. as i a__sumed stress just delayed AF.So how are you ladies coming along? any symptoms yet?


Krissy68 - February 12

simplegirl - I am still keeping my fingers cross for you. It isn't over until the fat red lady sing. I am cd 19/6dpo and my temp went down some but I am thinking it could be implantion dip at least that is what I hope. I just hope it go back up tomorrow I will keep you posted. Take care and I will talk to you soon. hoping4baby3 - How are you doing? Any news yet? Krissy68


simplegirl - February 12

Krissy- Well the dip sounds good to me; hopefully you will experience symptoms soon. my AF is still the same; i only see it when i go to the bathroom and its still pretty much the same color; a rusty color. i just wish she would hurry up and get it over with.


hoping4baby3 - February 13

Hi girls! I have been checking this threat everyday but I have nothing to report until today. Today I am 9dpo and I have been feeling like AF is coming for the past few days... this morning the symptom stopped so I started being hopefull again. How are you guys feeling? Any symptoms?


Krissy68 - February 13

simplegirl - Well my temp yesterday was 98.33 and I was cd 19/6dpo and today my temp went up to 98.39 so I guess yesterday was my implantation dip I am not really sure. When should AF really be here? You should go ahead and test with me tomorrow. I think you have a better chance at getting your bfp then me. Have a Happy V-Day! hoping4baby3 - I'm a few days behind you I am on 7dpo and I am still planning on testing tomorrow just for the fun of it I know it is too early but I know 4 years ago to the day I got a bfp with my 4 year old daughter and AF wasn't due for another 8 days so it's worth a shot. When should AF be here for you? She should be here for me on the 23rd I will keep you updated. Have a Happy V-Day! Krissy68


hoping4baby3 - February 15

Well... I tested yesterday and BFN! I know it was too early at 10dpo, but I still felt down and disappointed... Let me know if anyone got good news!!!


Krissy68 - February 18

hoping4baby3 - I tested as well on V-Day and I also got a bfn I was 8dpo, I am going to wait and test again this weekend what cd and dpo are you now and when is AF due and when are you testing again. I am cd 25/12dpo and AF is due between Sun-Mon. Let me know. Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross. Krissy68


hoping4baby3 - February 19

AF showed her ugly head yesterday although I had started to spot a few days ago... I was bummed but now fell better and wont give up. My doctor will not give me a trigger shot when my follicles are big enough so I am thinking that I might buy it on my own and give it to myself. I am not sure yet, we'll see. Baby dust to you and keep me posted!


ksr_lucky - February 20

Hi ladies..My husband n I are married for 2 years now..we are very eager to have a baby now...We havnt been trying seriously till now, but from this month we are very serious abt it.the problem is that i have irregular periods, and so dunno when I actually ovulate. usually my cycle is ard 40 days.As per my calculation my fertile period shd be between 15-29 Feb 09.We are trying this week n plan to the next week too.Need all your prayers and advices....Baby dust to all!!


hoping4baby3 - February 20

ksr_lucky, good luck to you! Keep us posted in your journey... lets share our experiences! I'll pray for us...



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