36 5 Weeks And No Fetal Movement All Day

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Dez - October 22

Hello, can someone please help, I usually feel my baby move all day long (well with sleeping patterns), or even get the hiccups. I notice it because I dont really do much all day and everytime she starts moving I stop to watch her. Now i am worried because i have drank juice, ate some candy and laid back to do a fetal movement count and I got nothing. I also took a bath because she usually goes crazy when i lay back and relax. I dont know what could be wrong? any answers?


lola - October 22

maybe you are getting close to delivery I heard babies don't move all the much close to the due date, If your due date is far off then I would acll your dr.all will be fine take care.


name - October 22

Mention it to your doctor just to be safe. I think my doctor said the baby should move at least 12 times a day.But it is true that when you get closer to your date the movement slows down cause there's no room!


Dez - October 23

Thank you ladies for your response, the funny thing is when i finally got my dr. on the phone, the baby started moving like crazy LOL.


name - October 23

LOL. I am also 36 wks and today I have not felt my baby move at all..


lola - October 23

I am glad to hear your baby started moving like crazy, maybe she knew you were worried about her so she had to show you she is alright.


kellie - October 23

i am 38 weeks tommorow and my baby has done the same thing to me twice...but as soon as i get to the hospital for a non stress test she starts moving all over the place......i think that they just like to scare the heck out of us while they are in there something to get a laugh about maybe.....Good luck to all of you and i wish you the best


Dez - October 23

yea either she was kicking me for tattling on her, or she was just moving saying hey mom im ok. lol.


Mellissa - October 24

Your little baby is running out of room to move and may have gotten herself into a position that wont let her move. That being said, you know your baby better than anyone so call your doctor. Most doctors take womens remarks about fetal movement quite seriously because all babies are different and only you know if your baby is highly active and what usually get's her going. There are no standards from baby to baby so a doctor/midwife has no choice but to pay attention. Get into a doctor's visit, emergency room or clinic to at least listen to the baby's heartbeat and ease your worry.



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