36 Weeks And Feel Horrible

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bummed mum! - November 11

Ok i am almost 36 weeks and i have never felt so c__ppy. It feels like i have the flu only i don't. i get horrible presure when i walk (on my pelvic bone). i feel so tired but can't sleep at night and can't take a nap. i also constantly feel sick to my stomach and i just can't take 4 more weeks of this! Nothing makes me feel better. Please tell me this won't last. I am so excited b/c this is my 1st and i wanna be happy but its so hard when i feel this way. is anyone else experiencing this or something similar? what can i do?


erin - November 11

I felt the same way at about 35 weeks with my first. Turns out I went into labour that week and had him. I can't promise you it will go away b/c with my second I felt like that for about 6 weeks before I had him!! But just remember that once your baby does arrive, you will forget about how terrible you felt at the joy of having a little baby. It will seem like the feeling terrible hardly happened. So hang in there, perhaps talk to your doctor. It also happened with my first that I had a bladder infection so make sure you are healthy. You're almost there!!


bummed mum - November 12

Thanks erin. it makes me feel a little better to know that i am not the only one. here it is 12:30am and i cant sleep again! i am really getting frustrated and plan to call my doc tomorrow morning. it is at the point where i am so tired that i am getting upset about absolutely nothing. i use to wonder how girls could get upset and cry at such a wonderful time in their lives but now i can understand. all i want is to be able to all asleep next to my dh at the end of the day. he even ran me a bubble bath but it didnt make me relax at all. on one hand i am glad this is almost over but on the other 4 weeks seems like forever. i will talk to my doc. and see what he has to say...thanks again for ur helpful words.


erin - November 13

Poor you! I feel your frustration! With my first I couldn't sleep for three straight nights before I had him because I was in so much pain. It's the worst feeling in the world! Let me know what your doctor says. Surely there is something they can do for you! Hot showers worked for me for awhile, until I was really in labour, then they didn't help anymore.


keya - November 14

I am feeling the same way. I am 32 weeks and 2 days and I feel horrible. Saturday I was hurting in my lower stomach for a whole hour. It was a constant pain it didn't go away for the whole time.


bummed mum - November 15

Keya- i am so sorry that you are going through this. i figuerd out one of my main problems with sleeping at night was that i was taking naps for too long during the day. i am still feeling a little down but i am feeling a bit better. i feel so guilty for not being sooo excited about being pregnant but i just want him out and healthy! i hope u feel better...if u'd like u can email me at [email protected]


erin - November 15

I don't think anyone is excited anymore by the end of pregnancy if you feel so terrible! I wouldn't feel bad about that, you will have plenty to be excited about once you are holding that baby. I am glad to hear you are doing a bit better.



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