37 Wks Are These Contractions

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Natalie - November 8

Hey! I am 37 weeks and the past two nights I have been having some cramping. Last night it felt like the sharp pains you get real low in your stomach I have read about on here. And tonight they kind of feel more like period cramps. This is my second pregnancy, but with my first the contractions were horrible, I had back labour and bad pains all down my legs. So I am unsure if what I am having are contractions. Like right now for instance my stomach feels really tight and I am cramping. It is not like a bad pain, but I notice it thats for sure. I'm just curious if my contractions this time could be alot less painful then with my first or is this just like gas pains or something? Please help! I have a doctors appoinment tomorrow to check my progress because last week I was 90% effaced and 1 cm. dialated. But I would like to know tonight what I am experiencing! Sorry for going on and on!


erin - November 8

It could be contractions...I've had two kids and I still have trouble knowing what's real and what's not! The only way to know for sure is if they don't quit and they get worse no matter what you do. Try having a shower, that usually made me feel better when I was in very early labour with my first. Once the shower didn't help anymore, then I knew it was serious. Your contractions this time as opposed to your last baby could be completely different. Every baby, pregnancy and labour is different. Good thing you have an appointment tomorrow! Good luck and hope all goes well!


KM - November 8

being effaced or dialted doesnt really tell you anything. you could be 3 cms for 3 weeks and never progress in labour. sorry to be the bearer of bad news :) what you are experiencing to me sounds like mild contractions or braxton hicks (fake labour). Time them, if they are regular, (5 mins apart) go to the hospital and get checked. For some women contractions only get really painful at the end. Thats what I would do to be safe. to me it just sounds like mild contractions! which means labour is probably around the corner. good luck, hope that helps.


Natalie :) - November 8

Thanks. Yeah, I know I'm not in real labour, I am pretty sure I will KNOW when that comes,but I was unsure if maybe what I was feeling was the beginning of early labour. With my first I had contractions for 3 days at home and went to the hospital when I could not take it anymore and I was 7 cm. dialated and delivered 20 min. later. So my doctors all say this labour will probably be even faster! So I thought it wouldn't hurt to get some advice now. Thanks ladies!



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