38 Weeks

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marisa - January 5

HI! I went for my fallow up today im 38 weeks. Doctor said everyhting is fine. I told him I have been cramping for the last 3 days and he said it was normal I asked if he could check me and said he did'nt have to.Im feeling some what like pain down there and cramps and I think I've even dropped.I went out and bought that "castor oil " but I kinda changed my mind to drink it since it works different for every pregnat lady and herd it also goes threw baby. Im so tired ,depressed I want this baby out but I guess I'll wait for it's time.Hopefully it will be soon to hold her in my arms my due date is the 21of this month. I just needed to let this out....sorry ..


jdtony - January 5

Hi Marisa! It seems like it takes forever the last month. Do you know if you have lost your mucas plug? I'm suprised your doctor didn't examin you. Most do every visit to see if your thinning or starting to dialate. Things that may help you are to walk, have s_xual intercourse(sperm can actually start contractions). I actually went into labor with my first from being out on a boat, the crashing on the waves started my contractions. The second baby, I went and bounced on a trampoline.......I was so ready for him to be here. Good thing I did, he was 9lbs 1oz. a week and a half early. Let me know.


marisa - January 6

Hi jdtony! Thanks for your response You asked me if I had lost my mucas plug?.I don't think I have you see this is my first. today when I asked the doc to check I thought he would check if I asked but he did'nt !don't know what was his reason for not wanting to.I have been walking but I guess it's not time yet . I also feel my stomach tight . As for s_x my hubby don't want to we can't seem to find a confy postion we tried but we can't . I guess i'll wait for baby to picks it's day! I just hope it's soon. Thank's


sye - January 6

hang in there...i know you can do it..you have only 2 weeks left...i have 6 weeks left and it's driving me up the wall....


Been There - January 7

Those cramps you feel could just be the false contractions. Is your stomach feeling hard when you feel the cramps?


marisa - January 7

yes it feels tight and feel the pressure down there....and also have noticed that my baby don't move much but i do keep track of movements. Thank's girls



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