3 Days Late Rock In My Gut And Lactating

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crazy in MI - October 31

I'm never ever late for my period. I have one child and when I was pregnant with him, my hcg test showed positive 10 dpo. My test today was negative, but I couldn't be more sure that I'm pregnant. It looks like somebody took blue pen and drew veins all over my chest & br___ts (sore too) and there's white milky fluid coming out of my right one. I haven't br___tfed in 2 years. My gut feels like there's a rock in it and I'm generally nauseated and p___sed off at the entire universe. Especially at that stupid negative test! I've even tried various brands and they all pop up negative. Anyway, it feels good to vent - if anybody out there has any advice for me, i'd appreciate it a LOT! I'm worried about so many different possibilities... driving myself bonkers. I have a dr's appt, but not until next monday (8 days from today). Thanks!


brandy - November 9

I am also 3 days late and have taken several hpt (different brands) They all show negative, but I also feel like I could be pregnant. When the negative result came up I had to look really hard to see it. Very faunt line, but still a negative result. I have been very emotional lately and wonder if I am fixing to start my period or what. I am worried that the more I anticipate about being preggo, I will not be. I am going to wait 3 more days and test again. Maybe positive will show up on my next test.


St - November 9

I wouldn't trust a hpt. I took one 4 days after my missed period and it didn't show any lines at all. Man that test made me so mad.


Shalee - November 10

Take a Clearblue digital pregnancy test, it detects small amounts of hcg and tells you for sure if pg. Wait if you can for a week and then retest. I know your nerves are on end but I did this 3 wks ago and guess what I am 8 wks preggo and lots of ++++ tests now. As for the lactating, your body can excrete milk for yrs after b___stfeeding, infact a woman who has never even carried a child can lactate, good luck



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