3 Months Pregnant And Not Know It

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Val - November 15

So here's the deal...I ran into my ex boyfriend while out on the town one night and ended up going home with him. We had unprotected s_x, but came to our senses and realized what we were doing and stopped before he ejaculated. This was really early in the morning on August 1st. Just to be on the safe side we still decided to get the morning after pill but had to wait til tuesday night since august 1st was a holiday and everything was closed. I ended up getting my period on August 8th. It is now november 15th and I have not gotten it since. I didn't really think much of it because I have always had irregular periods, but I have never gone this long. I finally decided to get a home pregnancy test last week and it came up negative, but I was so nervous I only peed on the stick for about 1 second when it said you should pee on it for 3. Could this have affected the results? Could I be this far into a pregnancy and not even realize it? Is there any other reasons why i would skip a period for this long? I keep telling myself it's next to impossible that I'm pregnant, but I'm starting to get really worried. Could it still be possible?


ally - November 15

he didn't ejaculate, u took the morning after pill and here in aus u can take it up to 72 hrs later, i know its into november now but u got ur period after the s_x session, i know u apparantly can get it still while pregnant, never met anyone who has but i still doubt ur pregnant... u r gonna have to know one way or the other eventually it will show, get a blood test, ease ur mind and ur period will come probably after u calm down, but honestly i used to use the pull out method and it never once got me pregnant, im sure ur fine but i know it can be worrying... good luck


anything possible - November 15

anythings possible! My ex's gf didnt find out she was pregnant until 6.5 mths! and she is a real little girl! 5'4 and very slim! She had wat she thought was her periods until 7 months!! we cant give you an exact answer on here, so as ally said, go get a blood test done. stress, and diet can cause your periods to mess up, even being underweight can sometimes screw with the cycle!! good luck!


??? - November 15

What exactly is a morning after pill, and what does it fo for you?


Jamie - November 15

The morning-after pill is a concentrated dose of progesterone and...uh...the other hormone found in birth control pills. It prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus, thus preventing pregnancy after conception. The fertilized egg pa__ses through the body as though it were an unfertilized egg. Val, I doubt you're pregnant, but check with a doctor to be sure.


Val - November 16

Thanks guys. I go to the dr tomorrow. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life. I don't know what I'll do if I'm pregnant, especially considering I tried to take all the steps I could to prevent it. Could you imagine? Some people try and try and try to get pregnant, I take the morning after pill and everything and I still do! Does anyone know of anyone who has every still gotten pregnant even though they took the morning after pill? I took it about 39 hours after intercourse.


to val - November 16

i dunno much about that pill, but that "period" 8 days after s_x could have easily been implantation bleeding. although i dunno much about it, i have heard that the morning after pill isn't 100%. you should take a test and leave the stick in the stream as long as it says. if you are 3 months you should pa__s a hpt with flying colors. either way, you should prob see your doc. btw, just because he "pulled out" before the big burst doesn't mean anything. there is a constant light flow of sperm seeping into you the whole time his p___s is inside. all it takes is one little swimmer


Val - November 16

He never ejaculated at all though, we stopped before we got too into it. I know it only takes one though, that's why I'm so worried. But that was another question I had too...if I'm 3 months along could the hpt still take a while to turn positive? At first it didn't do anything, then I tipped it up a bit and the first little box got wet (the one that shows the line for pregnancy) but no line, then it seeped into the next box (where the line is supposed to show either way) and sure enough there was a purple line. I waited it out just a bit longer to see if a line would still show up in the first box, but it didn't. After doing some research online though, I keep hearing all these stories of people's tests turning up positive like 10-20 even 30 minutes later. So I guess what my question is...since I would be so far along would I get a positive result right away? Or is my negative a negative, and I am in fact NOT pregnant. I just don't want any suprises when I go to the doctor tomorrow.


to Val - November 17

What about pre-c_m? I heard that could inpregnate you.


Val - November 17

Hey guys, had my dr's apt today...NOT PREGNANT!! :) Since I havn't gotten my period in over 3 months they think it might be PCOS, which is kind of weird cause i'm not overweight. anyway, i will find out next week. And yes, pre-c_m can make you pregnant, which is why I got the morning after pill...that's what I was confused about...the chances of getting pregnant with the morning after pill PLUS no ejaculation...i figured the chances had to be slim. Anyway, thanks for everyone's input



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