3 Weeks Late 4 Negative Hpt But With Symptoms Help

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Cossie - June 22

Hi there, i'm new to these forums but i could really do with some advice..or too know i'm not the only one feeling like this! my husband and i have been trying for a baby since Dec ‘05, since Jan my periods have been like clockwork, every 42 days and ovulating every 28 days! My period was due Sat 3 June (i'm 3 weeks late) I've done 4 tests and they are all negative.. the first test was on the Mon am (5th) the second on Sat (10th) the third one Mon (19th) and one today (22nd). I'm scared to do another one in case i see another negative! I have some mild discomfort in my lower abdominal area, my appet_te has grown considerably too with a little off and on queasiness and i’m feeling quite tired, i’ve also seen an increase in discharge. I am a healthy person with no excessive stress, or excessive exercise and can't think of any reason why my period would be late! I was using an ovulate kit so i know that was accurate (20th May) ! I really want to be pregnant but an trying not to get my hopes up, which is really hard! I went to the doctors on Tuesday and had to take a urine pregnancy test, i get the results tomorrow (although think it will be negative as the hpt test i did today was) fingers crossed for a miracle! Is anyone else experiencing the same as me?? Is it common to have negative tests after 3 weeks past your period date and still be pregnant??


kimholl28 - June 22

You have really long cycles like mine. It can be difficult to get pregnant. With your cycle so long it is not suprising that you are skipping one all together. Also just because you have a positive OPK, does'nt mean you are ovulating. These test only predict that you had a LH surge to produce an egg, doesn't mean you will release the egg. Different hormones play a role in causing the egg to release. There have been women who tested negative well into a pregnancy but this is rare. If you are still not convinced the only other thing you can do is call for a blood test. Being you have been trying so long and your cycles are long, get your hormone levels checked to make sure you are ovulating. They say you are still in normal range for not concieving yet, but fertility is nothing to mess with.



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