3d 4d Ultrasond

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jenna - November 29

Hey everyone I will like to know if anyone ever got a 3d/4d ultrasond done and is it safe ..i am thinking about doing one i am 28 weeks pregnant


taliyah - November 29

im getting one on the 20th of december. my doctor told me its a good thing when it comes to checking for birth defects. also you can see the baby more clearly i think


mellissa - November 29

my friend had one when she was pregnant and the baby was fine. she took a video tape and they recorded it for her. it was so neat to be able to watch it. you could really see what the baby was going to look like. i would love to have one done.


Lory - November 29

Hi Jenna! I have had some complications, so I have literally had like 15 or more of them. (I'm 36 wks) They are really helpful for info and they're sooo cute. Go to http://www.babycrowd.com/jr/online/aydansmommy/ and check out my photo album! There are lots of 3d/4d pictures there. Take out any dashes (-) in the url when you copy and paste it. Feel free to ask me any questions about it.....


Jessica - November 30

I have scheduled one for next week which will put me at 24/25 weeks. Is that to early? The people said they do them as early as 18 weeks and that 24/25 is great. What do youu think?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

I had one done that I paid for at 29 weeks. The company said that was the best time to see the baby the best since they have developed some fat layers by then. It was awesome. We had a 30 min session you could invite people to, got pictures printed, a cd of all the pics, a dvd and a vhs put to lullaby music. You get to see all the babies features and it is so cool and worth the money! My son liiks exactly like his 3d u/s pic! He is 3 months old, what an awesome keepsake. I would recommend it to anyone! Firs thing I said when we saw his face on the screen, was he looks exactly like my husband. They are that clear.


MAH - November 30

I had one done at 27 weeks and all I can say is that I am so glad I did!! It was truly amazing. To be able to see your baby before he or she arrives is unreal!! I really bonded with my baby after seeing him inside me because now I can picture his face everytime I speak to him. My boyfriends keeps joking that instead of showing our son a picture of him in the nude when he was a baby at his 21st birthday party we can show him a picture of him in the womb!! I'm sure he is going to love us!!


maya - November 30

all the ones that I do are 3d. My doctor has the machine in his office so I get the 3d ultrasound monthly. He's a well known doctor and wouldnt have it if it was harmful to the baby. you can really see a lot!



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