3d And 4d Ultrasounds

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ladybug - February 3

hi, has anyone had the 3 and 4d ultrasounds? i want to do that so bad. i found a place thats not far from where i live kinda pricey but worth it. i seen on a news comercial that it was a bad idea. has anyone heard of this?


dez - February 3

Hello, I had one of these done about 2 weeks ago and it was the coolest thing ever. I think if you have the money and oppurtunity to do this, it is so worth it.


gofaulk28 - February 3

my dr has a 3D ultrasound machine that is standard and dont have to pay anything for it. At 34 weeks i got my last ultrasound and you could actually see his little face and his hands covering it. It was neat


Elle - February 3

I have mixed feelings on this. I originally was gung-ho on getting it done until I read some very controversial thread on here, and decided I didn't want it. Then, as pregnant women do, I changed my mind and had one. It was very cool but my baby was not too cooperative as far as moving around, and despite two separate visits there, we were only able to get some facial images and one of her playing with her toes. Cute! The images were not nearly as clear as advertised but I don't know if that had to do with the baby's position or the woman doing the u/s. All in all, it was a really neat experience, but I definitely would not opt for the most expensive package. They made me sign something saying there were no guarantees of the images they could capture (due to movement and position, etc.). Anyway, good luck deciding! I have no regrets.


Mommy2Be - February 4

We had one done and it was the greatest experience ever!!! It was pricey, but in my opinion so worth it. It is something that I'll never be able to do again, kind of a one in a lifetime experience. I would say if you can afford it, go for it. You won't regret it, and its something you'll have forever. I watch the dvd that we got almost every single day. I just love seeing my little guys face.


Daniella - February 11

Ladybug- are you still around?? I got my 3D/4D ultrasound at exactly 19 weeks... and its amazing at what you can see for just 19 weeks. He looked like a little newborn. I paid $140. at babywaves in Ohio... My husband family lives there and we did it around Christmas... My family is in Chicago and we almost were going to do it at "Stork" in Chicago, but the timing wasn't good. Anyhow, our little boy kepts sucking his thumb so they had me walk around. We got his thumb out, lol.. for a min. here and there and captured a few good shots. Its not only neat to see the actual 3D/4D face and body... but, just to watch what he/she is doing in there. Anyhow, I heard the best time to go is around 24-26 weeks... How far are you?? Also... if anyone wants to see my 3D/4D ultrasound at 19 weeks.. Email me and I'll be happy to send them... My Email is: [email protected]


Sian1 - February 11

When i was pregnant with my son I had the 3d/4d ultrasound done at 29wks. It was so worth the money. I got a dvd and a photo album of pics. Although after my son was born I compared him to the dvd and he looked nothing like the baby on the dvd. still so cool though, and if I ever have another baby I will mosty definetly get another one done-so worth it.


mrsfiveday - February 17

Im from Ontario Canada....will my health card cover 3d/4d Ultrasounds. If so how much does it cost to get video, pictures upon availability?



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