3d Ultrasound

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Abby - November 2

Does anyone know if it is better to get a 3D ultrasound rather than a normal one. I know someone so worried, she's doing the 3D to check the heart and everything, although others say not to do it unless there's any problems. Is it better to do the 3D if there is not any thoughts of problems?


E - November 2

A 3-D is used to rule out problems in the fetus. A normal US is not as accurate b/c the picture is not as clear and it cannot take all of the measurements that new technology is able to do.


K - November 2

Yeah, where I live they only do them for high risk pregnancies. I really want to get one done to stop worrying about my baby being healthy..but my doc. won't let me cause I have a healthy pregnancy and already got my regular 2D ultrasound at 18 wks.


k - November 2

the 3D ultrasounds are so friggin cute


E - November 2

Yeah, I am going for my second 3-D in a couple of weeks and am so excited. I love seeing the baby so clearly. They are monitoring my placenta so I will likely have a 3-D each month till the baby is born.


k - November 2

E I am so jealous lol. I can't even get ONE lol. oh well.. I wonder if I go over my date if my doctor will send me one.. lol


LL - November 2

someone told me to go into the hospital and tell them you fell really hard on your stomach, (I think you would probably have to be a good actress) but ive heard its worked from a few people. They will give you an u/s and check the baby very good to make sure everything is still ok.


Dez - November 2

I forgot to add, it will then be free to you, because it will be at the request of the dr. to make sure everything is fine ; )


Dez - November 2

Oh man im a reject I tried to use an alies, and gave it up on the second post


E - November 3

You will get one if you tell them you are bleeding in the 2nd trimester. I actually was but I know they cannot ignore you if you tell them that.


k - November 3

I fell on my stomach on the beach at 5 mnths, (dog started chasing another dog and pulled me down lol) and I went to the hospital, no US tho all they did was hook me up to a fetal monitor.Any things I get done medically are covered anyway cause we have medicare where i live.I'm in my 3rd tri. So if i said I was bleeding they would think I was in labour and check and know I was lying,.. lol d__n.



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