44 Infertile Got Symptoms Neg Result

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koki - January 4

Hi to all, for days I have been reading your threads and I have become a bit of an expert lol, I feel I know the answers to most questions, however I need to share this with you, perhaps to try and soothe myself, but most of all I now you will listen and understand and not brand me as a stark raving mad British women. Actually I am so disappointed and very confused, I feel so silly, and really do think I may be going insane. I’ll explain why….to cut a very long and sad story short……… I am 44yrs old!!!!! I remarried 2 years ago. I conceived and lost 24 yrs ago, I have had in past years IVF etc etc etc I had come to terms with being childless ( anyone out there having been through EVERY infertility treatments will understand why. (I had explained all this to my new husband BEFORE we married and he still wanted and loved me). My last AF was 17th Oct 2004! I did a home test last night and got NEG result. However, I have had all the symptoms…. I have had the feeling of sick/faint/dizziness (which are pretty much passing now), I have been so tired, (falling asleep as soon as I sit down and fighting to keep awake)! My appet_te went haywire, not wanting food I loved, feeling nauseous at the thought of some foods, I even went off coffee and drank tea (very English hey) but right now feel like I could eat a horse, this will change later I am sure of that. I have had a slight white discharge every now and then in my panties (this is unusual for me), lots of irregular bowl movements (weeks ago very constipated and now very loose) and masses & masses of gas (whoops excuse me!). Some bad cramps a few weeks ago I was convinced my AF was coming but nothing, then this weekend I have had like a ?tight ?stabbing ?stretching feeling down low in bikini line, only for a few seconds intervals but nevertheless quite severe. My tummy is now really bloated and my clothes are tighter, I have no apparent change in my br___ts, but I have experienced major headaches, again a problem I am never accustomed to. As I have read in the threads from another Brit, here in UK blood tests and such are not big and my Dr will have me committed if I go to her with my pregnancy theory. THANKS for listening to me and I would love to hear from you only if it is to support me, but advice and experience stories will be more than welcomed. Bye and good luck to all of you.xxx


Steve - January 4

Hi, hope you don't mind a male replying to your post and I don't think you're a stark raving mad english woman!!!! One thing that my wife and I found when we were ttc was that some hpt's were not as good (read sensitive) as others. In fact my wife reckons that any hpt that is pink in colour doesn't work as it was only the clearblue tests that gave a positive (correctly). The others wrongly showing negative. So maybe it's worth trying another hpt. Failing that I think that a blood or urine test is the only way forward. Hope this helps and good luck to you Steve


koki - January 4

Thanks Thanks Thanks Steve, it was nice to hear from you. I am not to familiar with all the abbreviations but I got the gist….BUT OMG I did use clearblue. However I will take your advise and try for blood/urine test at the Dr’s give me a little time to pluck up the courage to go, I will keep u posted if that’s ok…..Thanks again and regards to ur wife.


Steve - January 4

Hi Again, I'm sure that these hpts work differently for different people, even though they all do essentially the same thing, measure HCG levels! It drove us nuts when you would have one that shows positive and 3 that don't!!! Good luck Steve & Jo


koki - January 4

again thanks steve & jo. I really need to get to know the Abbreviations such as hpt, hgc, etc, i will research them for better understandings. Bye : )


r - January 4

Hi Koki, I think Steve is right. At the doc's they'll give you better results. But one test that worked really well for me (even before I missed my period) was the clearblue digital test. gave me a positive right away when the doc had to do 3 tests to get a result. But blood tests will let you know for sure. by the way, HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin: hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta; detection in the urine and serum is the basis for one kind of pregnancy test. HPT stands for Home Pregnancy Test which detects a certian level of hcg in the urine but gain blood tests are more accurate. I'll be thinkiong of you - good luck


kim - January 4

Hello All!!! I just wanted to add that I was almost 4 months wiht my first son before I got a positive test. I took 4 hpt and my Doc gave me 2 blood test the first was neg.... It can be so frustrating!!! I have been chating with another lady for the uk and she said the same thing about her doctor. I hope it all works out for you. keep us posted..


Q - January 5

Hello! Your story sounds like it would be very frustrating. I can't say I've gone through the same, so good luck! It sounds like you have a wonderful sense of humor about it. I can't help but wonder....could it possibly be the beginning of menopause?


Cat - January 5

I think most of us women know that we're pregnant before even testing, we know our bodies and we can sense change...Im nearly 7 weeks and have had most of the symptoms you're describing, infact last night i had the stabing, tugging stretching type feeling for the 1st time, and it really scared me, i thought i was loosing my baby but then it stopped. I get bad hanger pains that make me feel sick, even if i've just ate a 3 corse meal lol my tummy feels likes it's empty, especially in the morning *barf*! Please let us know how you get on and i wish you the best of luck, take care luv cat xXx =D p.s, i had 4 years of chemotherapy and a month radiotherapy to beat cancer, the docs told me i would probably be infertile due to all the treatment, looks like im one of the lucky ones eh =D Prooves that there is hope out there, never give up!!!


koki - January 5

To all my new Pen Pals friends (inc steve & jo)…Big Thanx to you all 4 ur time, WOW, what a response! your all so caring and sharing, I don’t know what I may have done without you, hugs are surfing to u has you read. (R) Thanks for ur support and info, the abbreviation meaning’s were gr8. Your thoughts mean a lot. You are also in my thoughts too, you’re good luck much appreciated…… I’m gonna need it. (Kim) you are also thoughtful and ur support welcomed. Yes the UK. is a bit errrrrr lets just say behind the times with tests c/o pregnancy. I will definitely keep u posted on any results, let us raise our gla__ses (of juice) to it working out for me and everyone else here. (Q) thank you to for your concerns and even more your realistic honesty it meant a lot. Hummmm dammm it, the first thing I thought of when my AF didn’t show was the, was the……… menopause, oh no I said it Menopause, menopause, oh isn’t that bad now I have said it a couple of times, and as sure as bears pee in the woods I’m gonna get it sooner or later. LOL LOL sure is a good job I still have a sense of humour and can laugh, if I hadn’t done so over the years I wouldn’t be writing to you now, oh and Just for the record I would rather the ole menopause come later rather than sooner. (Cat) what a fighter (No pun intended…cat fight!), but lady, wow chemotherapy and a month radiotherapy to beat cancer you sure are a fighter. I never actually did give up, i more came to terms with the fact I would be childless and I knew i HAD to get on with my life. The ironic thing is only last month we were looking into international adoption and guess what? The uk doesn’t have a single site about this and it is seemingly frowned upon buying babies on the net, the USA have some wonderful sites but cannot inter adopt via a third country! Anyway that’s another story…..so Big thanks to you for you thoughts and concerns and experience. Now I demand u take it easy so off the net u go and get ur legs up…promise? Thanks again everyone, and keep intouch and let me know ur baby developments whatever mine my be…. Puffffff I’m gone. xxxxxoxoxxxxx


cheryl m - January 8

koki. i conceived at 45 and had some of your symptoms esp neg test's and same history, so good luck and let me how are you getting on pls



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